Tea Tree Oil – Nature’s Cure for Nail Fungus

Rarely is there a natural treatment that comes along so effective that medical doctors suggest using it before prescription medicine. Well, tea tree oil is one of those rare cases, many doctors and hospitals alike suggest the use of tea tree oil over the more harsh effects of prescription medication. This natural medicine is so effective that it has been suggested as a therapeutic remedy by the Mayo clinic. To better understand the effects of tea tree oil, you must understand the plant itself, and its physical properties.


The plant is native to Australia, and has been used for years by the people of Australia in treating and preventing infections. The plant itself does posses antimicrobial properties, and while it is thought that the plant has much potential many of the studies using tea tree oil on humans have centered around fungal infections only. The only problem with that is, the treatment of fungal infections is so long and tedious that many individuals give up mid trial, and drop out. The drop out of even one individual in these clinical trials can leave the results null and void, or at the very least marked unclear data.


Mayo clinic aside, the overwhelming response by the general public is astounding. Performing a simple search for tea tree oil will bring you to thousands of forums discussing the effectiveness of the herb on toenail fungal infections. These are not people trying to sell you a product these are people simply ecstatic that they cured their problems naturally, and inexpensively. It is very important to say that the effectiveness of the herb may vary from person to person, and will no doubt depend greatly on the severity of the infection.

It is recommended that the individual use 100% tea tree oil when available, and apply it to the surface of the nail, as well as the surrounding tissue affected. Filing or removing parts of the affected nail will help in getting the melaleuca oil to the fungal infection in the nail bed. Also, If you plan on treating your fungal infection with tea tree oil it may benefit you to purchase some melaleuca oil soap or shampoo, and wash your feet several times a day with it. After washing your feet dry them very well, and then apply the medication directly to the affected toes. Careful not to over do it, as it may cause irritation.


It is imperative that you know tea tree oil is strictly a topical treatment, and you should never ingest it as it can cause severe toxicity. Also, if you experience an allergic reaction to the medication discontinue use immediately, and wash the affected areas thoroughly. As with any herbal remedy contact your doctor before starting a therapeutic regimen, tea tree oil may be a natural medicine but none the less it is a medicine, and your doctor must be advised of its use! This is especially important if you have a skin condition such as eczema. Keep in mind that a fungus grows in a dark damp environment, preventing this desirable environment and using the tea tree oil will aid in your recovery.


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  1. Fatima Damree says:

    Dear sir
    My husband have a problem of nail fungus .he have make many treatment like lamisile but it did not make any difference.We want a treatment if u can help him.

  2. I was reading this on the web the other night on toenail fungus I’m going to try this regimen i also have a toenail fungus maybe this will help you go to this address

    what you’ll need is peroxide, vinegar ,clorox, tea tree oil, Vaseline.

  3. Both of my big toenails had severe fungus. I used the Tea Tree Oil (zetaclear) and it worked. It took a couple of months for the new toenail growth to come in, but when it did, there was no sign of fungus. It’s been a couple of years now and I just noticed a small sign of the fungus again. I’m back on the Tea Tree Oil. Even if I have to do this every couple of years, it’s well worth it.

  4. DEBIE WALKER says:


  5. I have had big toenail infection for the past 12 years. (Ever since having both big ingrown toenails removed.) I have tried soaking the nails in listerine and applying Vicks Vaporub over the the nails. This retarded cracking and chipping while restricting the fungus to 1/4 of the big toe. This did not “cure” the fungus. The nails remained discolored, with ridges and cracking. Now that I live near Mexico, I can afford to drive across the border and purchase medication without a prescription. Before I attempt to purchase the ONLY cure I have been is effective (Lamasil) I will try the trea oil to preserve my liver. I will repost in coming months to let everyone know how this progresses.

  6. laady Reyes says:

    hi im new to this i had gone to various doctor to cure my right big toe which infected by fungus and i want to know what i can use to cure it

  7. Lamisil does not work for toenail fungus. The bottle will tell you it is for foot fungus, and ringworm. The medication that will work for toenail fungus is only available through a prescription.
    I have no idea if the tea tree oil works. It may be worth a try. Remember, though, just because something is not a prescription or considered a drug, does not mean it cannot have negative effects of the body.

  8. Will your toe nail fall off with this treatment. I started the Tea Tree Oil last week and my nail is loose.

  9. I hate toe nail fungus! I have been suffering with it for various years now, and i am only fifteen. I am a very very beautiful girl, but having that stupid toe nail fungus lowers my self esteem a lot. I have it all on the nails of my right foot, it looks disgusting. Everytime i see it i can’t help but cry. I just want something that will cure it because i’m sick and tired of it. I love to wear flip flops and open toe shoes because my feet are very pretty and i have cute toes, its just that ugly fungus that kills it. I don’t want to be having to hide it all the time with nail polish or anything anymore, i just don’t want it at all. I’ll try anything to get rid of it.

  10. The Tea Tree Oil works… but you have to be patient. I file/buff my nails regularly using an electric nail file/buffer (like they use when getting a manicure)… put a few drops of the TTO on the nail.. let it dry and then buff the nail again.. allowing it to seep into the nail.. Buffing helps to remove the some of dead nail too and reduce the thickness of the nail…. I have removed the fungi from two nails completely, one was really bad but I have it back to 90% and one is not 80%… I did not even have a big toe nail on my left foot… it’s requires lots of patience… so use zetaclear or fungisil which contain tea tree oil and you will be surprised

    I also plan in to invest in a small handheld sander for the hard skin/callouses on the feet… to keep them away too…

    I can wear sandals again…

  11. I have started using tea tree oil on my big toe nail. Does tea tree oil really smell that strong? I have bought mine at Walmart. Has anybody out there can recommend a brand that doesn’t smell that strong. I want to try it on also on my skin tags. I’ve read that it also help get rids of skin tags.

  12. I hate my nails, they look so ugly, both big toes on my feet have that nasty nail fungus, and it gives off a wierd disturbing smell, i’ve also had it for several years, i’m going to try the Tea Tree Oil, it’s embarrasing because my girlfriend has the most beautiful feet i have ever seen in my life, and when i look at mine, it’s just gets me down really bad, I WANNA LOOK GOOD FOR HER TOO!!

  13. I know someone who has very bad toenail fungus which has been treated with tea tree oil and kyolic garlic capsules. I had only a small amount of fungus which I cut away and treated with tea tree and worked particularly to heal the scabby skin around the nail and prevent more fungus growing while the nail grew out. DON’T WEAR NAIL POLISH! It is the devil!

  14. I’m a bodybuilder, 240lbs. Really never cared about how my feet looked. My wife complained about my rough toes/toe fungus. I went to my doctor and she prescribed me “Diflucan”. At first I was reluctant because my wife said, this was used for yeast infections for women. I used it and I would say in approximately 5 months, my bad toe nails literally started to grow and my big toe nail grew and fell off but to my surprise new fresh nails grew. I tried Lamasil, dollarstore products, flee market products,,nothing worked. I’m still amazed how my feet look. I stop taking the product for about 4 years and just this year I noticed my middle toe (right foot) and small toe showing minor signs of returning. Overall, my feet still looks great. Thinks it time to get a new prescription..

  15. I had a bad nail fungus on my big left toe a couple of years ago. I read about using tea tree oil on it, so I decided to give a try. I buffed my nail down thin gradually once a week and applied the oil twice daily. I was very determined to get rid of this ugly mess under my nail. It really gave me the creeps knowing I had something growing under my nail. My aunt and mother have toenail funguses also and still haven’t tried it after me telling them about the TTO. Guess what, mine was gone in about 8 or 9 months and they still have the fungus because they haven’t tried TTO and are affraid to take the medication for it because it is so damaging to your liver. After about two years I now have another fungus on my big toe on my right foot now. I am now back buffing my nail down thin and applying the TTO to get rid of it off this toe now. By the way, buffing the nail down thinner helps the oil get down under the nail easier and where the fungus causes the nail to thicken. Good luck, it worked for me!

  16. I have been soaking my feet in hot water with chlorine bleach periodically. I put my feet in the hot water first, then poor the bleach directly on the toes. It seems to be helping, but I do have a problem with getting it under the toenail where it will be more effective. I just noticed Rhonda’s suggestion of buffing the nail down thinner. That sounds like a plan, and I will implement it from now on.

  17. First of all, tea tree oil has not been suggested for use for toenail fungus infection. It hasn’t formulated an opinion either for or against. Secondly, Diflucan (a prescription drug) although effective can have serious liver function side affects.

    [admin edit: added mayoclinic text for clarification]

    Fungal nail infection (onychomycosis)

    Although tea tree oil is thought to have activity against several fungus species, there is not enough information to make recommendations for or against the use of tea tree oil on the skin for this condition.

    [end admin edit]


  18. For my own toenail fungus problem,
    I have been using a product that uses tea tree and jojoba oils.
    It doesn’t have the strong smell that tea tree oil alone has.
    The results are good. My brother who is a veterinarian
    developed this over the last 10 years and he’s great about
    answering questions (not just his sister’s). I too have to be very
    careful about taking internal medicine due to liver function, so
    I find this a very good solution to my toenail fungus situation.

  19. I’ve had the toenail fungus problem for a long while now. My solution: hide it with nail polish! But I did come across an e-mail that said Vicks Vapo Rub helps, so I tried it. Strangely, it DOES help, but I’ve found it to be a temporary fix. It seems to make the fungus fade, but it comes right back again if I quit the Vapo Rub. Where should I look for tea tree oil?

  20. The proof is in the pudding. Doesnt matter what has been proven or not. People use it and it works, and thats all I need to know!!!

  21. Well it has probably been 2 years since the first signs of toenail fungus on my toes.
    It started on 1 nail and moved on eventually to 4 nails. the big toe seems to be perfectly fine though.
    I figured it would just go away on its own but now im trying the tree oil method.
    I guess I will see if i remember to make another post after i see any results. But i think it might take a few months.

  22. I tried tea tree oil for one day. I put in on my big toe before going to bed and the next morining the skin around my toe had a huge, festering blister around it. There are extreme allergic reactions to tea tree oil out there for some of us.

  23. Judy Mitchell says:

    Have read threads and ordered tea tree oil from
    Garden City Health Products. No product received.
    Chased up with company, limited and evasive response.
    Still no product received. Spent NZ$80-00 plus
    on credit card. Conned?

    [admin – It’s important to buy a topical treatment from a reputable company, here is a link to one]

  24. Judy:
    Sounds like the rip-off artists at Vacuum Stop on Amazon.com
    and Amazon.com helps them rip people off!
    Anyway, contact your credit card company and ask for help.
    Next, go to Walgreens and get two bottles for $90.
    Good luck, my doc told me about TTO and I’m starting to us it.

  25. Thank you for posting. Having trouble finding information on selecting tea tree oil?
    Do I need to know any particulars beyond choosing 100% tea tree oil? Thanks!

  26. Ideally a combination of tea tree oil with Almond Oil & Jojoba Oil along with Tea Trea Oil is ideal to allows the Melaleuca extract(tea trea oil) to penetrate the nail to kill the fungus.

  27. I have been having a problem with toenail fungus on my big toe on my right foot. I just started appluing TTO to the infected nail and surrounding skin today and will let everyone know how it goes. FYI, I already did the medication thing a year ago and it eventually got rid of the problem but now it is back and I don’t think I can do the medication thing again since it might be too much for my liver. To everyone else out there, good luck.

  28. Well, I did some research, it appears that there was a study conducted
    on 60 people with onychomyscosis (toe-nail fungus)(p value<.0001). The
    researchers found that 2% butenafine hydrochloride with 5% Tea tree oil
    applying 3x a day for 8 weeks cured 80%, whereas just TTO 0% were cured.
    here is the study:

    now the TTO is easy to get but you may have to settle with Lamisil Ultra
    which is non prescription and only 1% butenafine hydrochloride. But it
    just may work. All the other 2% drugs happened to be prescription (mentax,

    Good luck to you all.

  29. To Chez about skin tags. A friend of mine went to her doctor for skin tags. The doctor numbed them and just snipped them off with sterilized scissors. I did the same thing using Anbesol as a numbing agent. Worked great.

  30. Tea Tree Oil does work but in order to keep it from coming back, you have to treat the fungus that is growing within your body. Take probiotics to start then get rid of the yeast in the digestive tract, which is what has caused the fungus on the toes in the first place.

  31. I have had this dreaded affliction for some time now and there is
    a way to get rid of it. It takes patience and a multi directional
    attack. file the nail down as far as you can get it without
    causing injury. Apply vaseline to your feet but not the nail. This
    is to minimize any irritation to the skin.
    Then soak the feet in peroxide, vinegar ,
    clorox and tea tree oil. Soak for at least ten to fifteen minutes.
    About two tablespoons of the peroxide,and bleach. About a
    tablespoon of tea tree oil. Dry the feet and nail. Apply 100% tea
    tree oil to the affected nails. A three week treatment of this
    will get rid of this. Took me a while to figure this out.Good luck.

  32. The fastest way to get rid of toenail fungus or fingernail is vinegar mixed with a 3% hydrogen peroxide. The mixture 50/50. Keep adding it with a dropper or soak until there is no fizzing (if it is severe) and when there is minimum discoloration. Some people will feel as slight pinch after awhile.

    This is then followed by getting your hands soaked in a Clorox bleach (in U.S. you use Clorox, in Thailand we used Haiter). A strong concentration is 1 cap per 1/2 glass of water, stir and soak. And leave your finger with fungus for about 1/2 minute. If severe fungus then try 1 cap Clorox to 4 caps water. Again leave for about 1/2 minute. Chlorine will be absorbed through the fingernails during that time.

    Rinse in water and dry it and follow this with a 50/50 mix of vaseline and tea tree oil. Put in on the fingernail and put on Band-Aid (in Thailand we use tensoplast) and leave it on for a whole day and repeat the vinegar and H2O2 again, followed by this 50/50 mix of vaseline and tea tree oil again. Doing this for at least 3-4 days. And it should be all gone. Actually it should be gone in 2 days if the required maintenance of reinfection remains. Please remember that Band-Aid is not absolutely required depending on circumstances. It just helps you save time in preventing the reapplication throughout the whole day. I much prefer, especially for the fingernails, to reapply it for a whole week to keep that tea tree oil -vaseline throughout the day. In case of a toenail, especially if you use tennis shoes or shoes that prevent air circulation or no sunlight, then it Band-Aid and vaseline-tea tree application maybe necessary.

  33. Hey – I saw someone’s post about paying 80$ for tea tree oil! I got mine at Trader Joe’s. The same one shown in the pic in the article. They also have it at Whole Foods. Or any natural store.

    I am trying this now, and I hope it works!

  34. Hello, Daino how do I mix the Tea Tree Oil with the Lotrimin Ultra to obtain
    the correct mixture for applying to my toenail fungus.
    Thank you for your help

  35. Hello, Tony how much vinegar do I need to mix with the peroxide, clorox and tea tree oil? And how many times a week? Daily??

  36. I have fungus on three of my toe nails. The first nail became infected back in 1995.
    I’ve tried everything! Four months ago I started using tea tree oil. If this
    didn’t work I was going to get the nails removed, I was done! To my surprise,
    and great relief, my nails are growing back clearer. I’m sure I’m going to have
    to use this for the next year, but it’s well worth it. One day, I might even be able to get a
    pedicure for the first time in my life. I’m thrilled :-)

  37. To the 15 year old. Why go on about how pretty you and how cool your feet are and let one toenial “lower your self-esteem.” What does your looks and your toenail have really to do with self-esttem.

  38. I had a doctor prescribe a lengthy routine of antifungal meds to help me get rid
    of a gut fungal infection. Sounds icky – I know. Anyhow, the meds (which
    included eating a clove of garlic a day!) totally helped me with the bloating
    that was part of the gut infection – AND it cleared up my toenails which I
    did not go in looking for a treatment on! That was just a bonus. Now, the
    infection is back (probably because I laid off the continuous garlic and then
    the “good bugs” I was supposed to take to help me get my gut back in healthy shape)
    But I think the garlic is a real good idea since it kills fungal infections.
    I’m going to try the TTO along with garlic and see how that combo works.
    Good luck everyone!

  39. I’ve had what I assume is a toenail fungus for almost the last 2 years. It
    years. It kind of goes away in the winter when I use tea tree oil
    and stop painting my toe nails. But I put polish back on a
    couple of wees ago and it came back. Is it an allergy or a
    It’s so embarrassing because I want to wear sandals. I’m going
    to try the tto, peroxide and vinegar. (sorry, no bleach on my
    skin. That’s insane!) I pray it works!

  40. Gene Anderson says:

    There is a new product out called PK4. It contains all natural oils, including Tea Tree Oil. I was given a small bottle 6 months ago by a friend who knew how much I hated how ugly my toes looked. After 30 days of twice daily use my nails showed healing improvement. After 6 months my nails looked normal.

  41. Hi for those skin tags… I did it for a few, if the stick out, use a thread tie it around it, as this will cut the circulation of fluid feeding it. this will make it dry out and it will fall out… :)

  42. Toenail fungus sucks! Seems like no matter what anyone trys the fungus just keeps coming back, and you end up having to treat it again. I want something to get rid of it for good. Not just six months to two years. I want it gone and to never have to deal with it again. Is there anybody who got rid of it for good or is treating it going to have to be an ongoing thing? And what causes it? Because I’m pretty sure it showed up just after my last pedicure. This girl cut my toe right next to my nail. Ever since the nail started to grow back really flaky, thick and gross. Just the one though. It’s only been about two months but I want to stop the infection before it spreads. And I don’t want it to ever come back. Help please?

  43. Has someone used the 3 nail fungus products recommend in this website? I want to try the
    natural treatments:TTO, vinegar, and Bleach, but I also would like to see if the
    others products work too.

  44. You can get Tea Tree Oil from Puritan’s Pride Vitamins.
    I have used it several times for different things.
    I will try the TTO, vinegar, and bleach. I have tried
    the Vicks, and it seemed that the TTO and the Vicks did
    more good than anything.. I got lazy and quit.. DUMB
    thing to do…It was clearing up..

  45. Oh, yes, I also tried the listerine soak.
    The weirdest one I was told, was from an Amish
    man.. He said to soak your toes in your own urine.
    I just couldn’t bring myself to do that.. But he
    said it was a sure cure for toenail fungus..

  46. I’ve been using the tea tree oil for about 2 weeks applying it to my toes. I start by filing my nail then applying tea tree oil twice daily. So far I see I slight improvement. I just need to remember to be patient. I’ve read it takes a few months for a new nail to completely grow out.I have faith this is my solution. Good luck!

  47. To Camille who posted on October 30th, 2009:


    The link above is to a study which showed in a double blind test that tea tree oil was just as effective as synthetic/prescription treatments.

    To Monique who posted on July 7th: The link above said: “All current therapies have high recurrence rates”

    To everyone else: I have been using Tea Tree oil for a few months. It is working, better on some toes than others so far. But it IS working, I actually have thinner nails that you can see pink skin through. It is definitely very pungent stuff! I will keep using it until all my nails clear, I am so sick of having yellow toenails.

  48. Elvy Torres says:

    Good news for your liver……Yes, intake prescribed medicine
    for toenails fungus is very damaging.
    Take a small clove of garlic (smashed) mix with
    one tbl.spoon of virgin, olive oil.
    It is better if you can chew the garlic while in your mouth (taste nasty
    but you get used to it think about the taste of garlic or those ugly toenails)
    This mix will clean your liver…..depending of how much medication
    you are taking you can do it every week or
    as often as you wish….The “light” virgin oil is less tasty than the regular one.
    Besides, virgin olive oil will help your arteries to stay flexible
    and fight stroke or heart attack.
    I might add that garlic might get the fungis out of your
    system :)….

  49. Tenchi Muyo says:

    OH ya. To the ladies getting pedicures and painting the nails to hide the fungus- STOP. Pedicure parlors, no matter how well sterilized can carry fungus and transfer it to you. If you have history of infection, don’t get a pedicure from a parlor. If you must, do it yourself or have a friend. (Also, you risk spreading YOUR fungus to others and continuing the cycle.) NEXT I must say that while you have or in the process of treatment of toenail fungus DO NOT paint your toenails. It makes it worse SO much faster. My nail fell off after a week of having it painted. It depletes the airflow and slight that help heal and reduce fungus- it loves dark and dank! Also, for you with an odor that accompanies your condition- be sure to wash feet with a tea tree oil soap or maybe even a antibacterial soap at the very least! Dry feet, toes (and in between) and nails well! Perhaps a treatment with athlete’s foot is in order- is the skin around your nails, toes, under your feet thickened, red, itchy? These funguses are related! Treat them both or one/the other will return!!
    I was told there was nothing I could do for my toenails and I should just hide my nails by painting them. What a stupid thing for DOCTORS (yes! More than one!) to tell someone! It made it so much worse and my toes actually started to HURT!! I finally saw a foot doctor who get me on oral Lamisil. WOW, this stuff is bad for your liver. I have all sorts of side effects and sensitivities now. It did work though, but not entirely. It took so long for the nails to grow out that I had stopped the prescribed treatment before they were fugus-free and of course it came back. How frustrating.
    Well, I’ve tried other topical solutions, but nothing was that good. Tea Tree Oil is definitely helping! It will take a long time- you must have diligence. It is worth it. There is not going to be any fast cure, and depending on your lifestyle, maybe not permanent cure. Be sure to treat yourself well- wash your feet! DRY THEM WELL!!! keep them up. Sure, this treatment may have to be long term, but for those of you who are foot-aware, it is the thing to do and will be worth it.

  50. @ Tenchi Muyo – I have no idea how I got this toenail fungus .. I know my hubby has athlete’s feet so perhaps we are spreading the fungi back & forth. But I have just started taking the generic for Lamisil and I’m hating the way it’s making me feel. First, I got a headache almost immediately (by the 2nd day) and it’s just one of those nagging, one sided headaches. I used to suffer from migraines and hadn’t had one in years but it took years of an ongoing medicine to stop them. So now this. And I’m edgy .. to the point I’m not sleeping. It’s only been 10 days and I know I’m not going to be able to endure this for the entire 6 months the doctor says to be on it. Not to mention what it could do to my liver. I am going to try the tea tree oil. It’ll be part of my normal routine, like putting on lotion after a shower so my skin doesn’t dry out. Thanks for the insight and your review !

  51. I have had a toe nail that has been infected I suppose for a very long time. I
    remember when I was younger that the toe itched and I didn’t know why and over time
    I guess it just transformed into an ugly toe nail.. I used to play a lot of sports
    and run around barefoot so I’m guessing that’s where the infection came. I, too, went
    to the doctor who prescribed the really expensive prescription drug that damages liver.
    After researching I think Tea Tree Oil will work about the same. Thanks for all the
    information. I’ll update when in a month or so.

  52. I’ve had fungus on both big toes and both little toes for years. Let it go for years, ignored it, and kept getting pedicures for YEARS!!!! Well, over a year ago decided to try formula 3 which didn’t do much. Just about 3 mos. ago decided to try DMSO and tea tree oil. Well, it’s working.
    . I apply with a nail polish brush from a nail polish bottle and mix even amounts of the DMSO and tea tree oil. My nails take a long time to grow but are finally almost grown out and what a difference. I had a dermatologist tell me a couple mos. ago that it’s really difficult to get rid of and to ” just forget it and get them painted”…. wow, nice doctor! The jury is still out on an absolute cure but they are definitely improving and I feel it’s almost cured! Don’t get a pedicure and get them painted. This will only prolong the cure and actually will be a waste of your time. Your nails must remain “naked” the whole time you’re treating them.

  53. what is dmso? i have the toenail fungus really bad. it has spread to almost all my toes in a matter of months. i have always been a clean feet freak and usually where flip-flops. i have tea tree oil and will go get some tea tree soap and this dmso and give it a shot. thanks!

  54. Well same here I am a freak when I clean my feet but about a year ago my little toe
    Got hit by my bedroom door it got purple and a month later I start noticing my toe nail yellow yeah it was fungus I tried so many things nothing work is been a week since i start using tree oil I can say is looking better already!! I’ll keep u posted!

  55. Here is my treatment for toenail fungus which has worked for me and several others. But bear in mind nail fungus has to GROW OUT so it takes six months or more. There is no such thing as a quick cure. Do not give up.

    1. Always dry feet and toes thoroughly after bath/shower. No pedicures at all and keep nails short. Use a fungicide powder like Lamisil or Desenex and be sure it gets into all nail corners.

    2. Alternate two or three remedies and use twice a day. I like Lamisil cream, Fungi cure (paints on) and tea tree oil which is the best anti-fungal in the world. Alternating really helps because it keeps “surprising” your fungus with a new attack.

    3. Acid footbaths (like Listerine or vinegar) help but they are no substitute for continuous topical applications, like described above.

    4. The internal meds are very dangerous. You don’t need them if you are patient and keep at it. If you must take something, take acidophilus which is great for you anyway.

  56. Tea Tree Oil works! I have had a nail fungus for several years.
    The fungus discolored about 1/2 of my big toe nail. I have been
    using tea tree oil daily for 8 weeks. The discoloration has moved
    up the nail. Fresh nail is natural colored. I believe that it will
    take about 6 more weeks to eliminate the fungus completely.

  57. Incredible!! My dermatologist couldn’t be bother & wanted me to spend big
    $ for the poditrist. Vicks & OTC did not work for months!
    Tea Tree Oil after a month has had a positive effect. Still at it!!
    But hopeful now!

  58. i found the best remedy for my fungus.

    mix a 50/50 apple cider vinegar and 3% hydrogen peroxide aply to nails
    untill no more fizz bubbles come out.

    then mix 50/50 water and bleach( if fugus is really bad add more bleach)
    and soak toes in this mixture for 30-40 seconds, rinse and dry your toes

    then mix tea tree oil with petrolium jelly (vaseline) aply to nail cover with a band aid so it’ll
    stay on all day long.

    fungus would be gone within a week…

    quik tip: i filed down my nail to make it thiner so the mixtures would
    hit the fungus directly, it works faster.

  59. To Misty ( Nov 6) DMSO is Dimethylsulfoxide. A liquid, it has the
    ability to pass rapidly through the skin, carrying
    with it anything that is dissolved therein.
    It has been touted for everything from headache to arthritis. It does give you a imediate garlic taste in the mouth, due to some di-sulfur compounds that form in by
    oxidation. To my knowledge, the medical and physiological safety have
    not been proven. Be cautious and do your research.

  60. I’ve tried every kind of treatment for the last 10 years (except pills). I’ve been reading a lot on websites, forums… Always, I see some people very exited with a new treatment and telling us to provide some feed back in a couple of weeks, but never ever I saw anyone saying I do got rid of my fungus with chlorine, tee three oil or whatever.
    Looking forward to any comments to demonstrate that I’m wrong. By the way, I will try again the tee three oil… I’ll try to keep you posted if it works (in a couple of months)

  61. One question to those who have been successful with tea tree. What type of tea tree to you use?
    (sorry for the mistakes in previous mail, I’m French – nobody is perfect :-)

  62. Tony,
    Are you still there? Your plan sounds good. How bad were your nails? Can you provide just a little more detail? Thanks.

  63. About a week ago I took the nail polish off, filed & clipped my nail down and
    started soaking my toe nails in white vinegar twice a day for 10 minutes.
    I have had the ugly toenail problem since 2004 after going through chemo & I
    have tried other treatments in the past with no success (I didn’t stick with
    the treatments) I will also start the tree tea oil. Thanks for all of your

  64. I have been using tea tree oil for toe nail fungus for about 7 months now. I paint it on my nails every day, and have kept my toe nails filed down thin so it will penetrate. The nail fungus looks MUCH better, but my nails do not seem to be growing out at all. Has anyone had a similar experience?

  65. For 40 years I’ve been fortunate and never had any issues with my feet/nails/fungus, but I noticed in October I noticed a slight yellow discoloration on my big toes. Initially I thought it was because they’d been painted for a while (we women know what dark polishes can do in that regard), but after several months of not polishing them at all, the slight discoloration remains.

    I’m not sure where I acquired the fungus, but I suspect it’s a combination of being diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and now having to always wear shoes and not going barefoot like I used to much of the time, and perhaps the failure of the salon I like to frequent for pedicures not properly cleaning one time.

    After doing some research, I’ve opted for using Tea Tree Oil, Listerine soaks (hey, why not?), and now, after reading one of the posts here, Lamisil as treatment. I’m hoping for the best possible results and will try to remember to post here again with reviews and updates.

  66. I have been using tea tree oil from Melaleuca on my toenail (great toe only) for about six weeks with amazing results! I apply it every night after soaking my feet in the bathtub. I started out sort of pulling the nail out so that I could get the oil under the nail as well as on top of it. Now the nail is really loose in the affected areas, which I am clipping off a little at a time, and a beautiful new perfect looking nail is growing up from the bottom! The toe is still pretty ugly but after watching it get worse and worse for the last few years, I am THRILLED! PS-I went to a podiatrist before starting the treatment and he didn’t even want to discuss anything except oral Lamisil. I decided to try the tea tree oil and I am so glad that I did!

  67. My daughter has had a great toe nail fungus that I have been treating for 12 months w/ lamisil topical and now a prescription creme..no better!!!! I am now going to try Tea Tree oil. I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!!! It sounds like this Lamisil pills are a harmful treatment but effective..scares me a bit, we are holding off for now.

  68. I’ve had toenail rot for many years. I thought it was just my nails, and
    hereditary (my dad had it too). Then one day recently I looked it up on google
    and found out I’ve had a toe-nail infection for at least 10 years. It usually
    gets better in the summer, and more yellow and nasty in the winter.

    So for a week now I’ve been using Tea Tree Oil. I’ll try some of the other
    suggestions here too, but this seems a reasonable approach. As one other person
    here mentioned, I filed my nails to make them less thick. Problem is the nail is
    sort of rotten and now it’s falling apart due to the filing, so be careful with

    I’ve also heard that UV light treatment can help, but I see doctors want to
    charge an outrageous amount of money for a five minute treatment using a
    $100 device. Shameful. I’ll try the tea tree oil for a few months and see.

  69. Well,here goes. I have had this problem for about 6 months or so and I have been soo baffeled I have tried a lot of over the counter things mentioned above But am goin to start with the tea tree oil and see if that along with vinegar soaks help.It is mainly on one big toe and then dry terrible skin on my heels that wont go away no matter what.I work standing on my feet all day my feet never sweat and I go with sock or bare feet at home.Off with the polish as I didnt know any better and on with the new treatment options and hope by summer I can at least wear sandals and my big toe wont keep trying to be ingrown.Thats another problem im not used to.Darn this age thing..Im 65yrs.Female and discussded with this problem.

  70. I have had some success in addition to tea tree oil
    vick’s vapor rub. It will soften the nail enough to file it

  71. Greetings friends!

    I got my nail fungus while in the military over 30 years ago, I have battled it
    off and on ever since. Like others I tried Lamisil and a dozen over the counter

    I began using tea tree oil a few months back, my smaller toes have cleared up, as
    well as my athletes feet. I paint the feet as well. I use tea tree oil purchased
    from CVS or Walgreen’s. I use a Qtip to apply it with. I am aggressive with it, I
    use a heavy set of nail clippers to trim away the dead toe nail exposing the bed of the
    nail, so I can soak it right at the point the fungus joins my healthy nail.

    The smaller nails are clear, you can see a line across them where the fungus died.
    And where the new healthy nail starts.

    This stuff is GREAT!!!

    The big toes are going to take some time, but I believe by keeping at it, it will pay off.

    I am a BIG believer in natural medicine. I use Kombucha tea which is GREAT for a
    number of things, if you like natural cures and remedies
    you will love this stuff!

    As well as homeopathic weight loss, Skinny HCG, is my web site if you want to ask me ore.

    Scott – Skinny HCG

  72. Tea Tree Oil is a major ingredient in the over the counter nail fungus treatments like zetaclear and fungisil. These products can be better in curing nail fungus than straight tea tree oil because they use other essential ingredients like jojoba oil that helps the tea tree oil soak into the thick nail to reach the nail fungus deep in the bed. Also these products work best if you are filing and cutting away the infected part of the nail to help the tea tree oil reach into nail bed. This was told to me by my doctor.

  73. I would like to say that Vicks does work. I also have started to put bleach on the toe-nail. I have seen amazing results with the bleach. Getting rid of this stuff does take a long time and you have to be vigilant with the treatment. You can buy tree tee oil in any store that sells vitamins. I bought mine at wal-mart. A little goes a long way. It has a destinctive smell but it works. It also clears up acne.

  74. I have had toenail fungus for apx. 5 years. I went to the doctor the first time and he removed both big toenails (OUCH) and put me on Lamisil. It worked…temporarily. The fungus came back aobut a year and a half later. I’m now using Tee Tree Oil (zetaclear) and am having GREAT results! I’ve found WalMart to be the place to buy it.

  75. I began getting nail fungus a few years ago after injuring my big toe. It has spread to 8/10 toenails. I tried vick’s, OTC creams, vinegar (white and apple cider),listerine, etc. I just had the laser treatment done on all of my toenails and the doctor gave me a bottle of Formula 3 to use daily. I also supplement with tea tree oil. It looks a bit better after about a month. I have created a facebook page to watch my progress and I have photos from before and after laser treatment,. I will update monthly. I’m just as curious as all of you are if this will work.

  76. I absolutely love tea tree oil, I’m happy I finally bought some! I had worried about taking my socks off around friends because they looked so flaky, dry and horrible but with just one coat of tea tree oil they looked slightly presentable meaning now I’m free to walk around without anything covering my feet (exactly the environment to help rid my toes of the horrid fungus causing this!) I think tea tree oil will be something I use for the rest of my life whether I have the infection or not.

  77. I’m so glad I had read an article last year about Tea Tree Oil. My husband has terrible toenail fungus on both feet and has taken Lamisil quite awhile ago which did help a little but then the fungus came back in full force. Gave up because oral Lamisil is not good to take. I have it on one foot and I think I caught it from my husband. Just started the Tea Tree Oil regimen and after reading the positive comments on how well it works, and am very hopeful for good results. So filing with a pumice file will help the thin the nail down and allow the oil to penetrate better into the nail?

  78. I have done Tea Tree for a long time. It does work but you have to keep up with it constantly. You really can’t even miss one day. In the summer I wear closed shoes to work so on the weekend I polish with a light polish to wear sandles. You can still use the tea tree oil over and around the polish. At least this way I still can look OK in sandles. However, Sunday PM I take off the polish to make sure the tea tree oil penetrates all week again.

    A few of you wrote about Formula 3? What is that and does anyone know any more about that?

  79. Oh, and in regards to polish, it should be a light or more transluscent color. If you use darker colors the tea tree oil will take it right off. It is really powerful stuff.

  80. Anyone tried Batrafen 8% nail lacquer + Itraconazole 100 mg impulse therapy for a treatment of fungus fingernail? I have been prescribed this treatment by my dermatologist and really do hope it will work. Anyone with fingernail problems at all? thank you

  81. I’ve read this article approx a week ago after seeing a doctor about my toenail fungus. I am too afraid to start the medication knowing the side effects of it. I purchased tea tree oil, starting using it immediatly and can already see a difference in my toe nails. I would recommend it to anyone suffering from the fungus. I will repost in a few weeks after seeing more results..

  82. Dee Rodriguez says:

    My husband has had toenail fungus since highschool when he got his toes trampled playing football. While we have always been vigilant about not sharing towels or bath mats, it seems that I have now aquired this lovely condition. At the moment it is seems to be only a small spot on the upper part of one big toe. I’ve started using tea tree oil, purchased from wal-mart, and am keeping my fingers crossed. My husband’s doctor won’t hear of anything other than the oral meds, which we don’t want use, so I don’t have any real world advice on using the oil. Should I file down the surface of the nail so the tea tree oil will penetrate better, or will doing this make the nail more vunerable for more infection? How does tea tree oil, or any topical application, work since this fungus lives under the nail? I am sort of freaking out; we live in the deep south and sandals are pretty much a neccesity for most of the year!

  83. whats wrong with you all people? drugs are have gone through many test during many years. I mean come on- its 2011. It has been done so many studies for years and the drug is proved to be effective. If tee tree oil and other home remedies were so wonderful why scientists bother inventing drugs? Be realistic.

  84. Sasha,

    Don’t be so naive. The reason that scientists invent drugs are to make money for the drug companies whom employ them or fund their research! It’s elemental you can’t patent these home remedies or over the counter treatments that contain tea tree oil so of course the drug companies are not going to tout it’s benefits :)

    Look the drug companies pay political contributions to both government parties, thus they have more leeway in the drug trials. You don’t believe me do some research on how the US Supreme court just ruled that drug manufactures would not be held liable for ANY damages for Vaccinations given to children that can seizures, illness or autism.

    Look I wouldn’t take a pill that will cause damage to my liver just for a cosmetic condition… but don’t trust me read the actual drug insert:

    Do NOT use Lamisil if:

    you are allergic to any ingredient in Lamisil
    you have severe kidney problems or a history of liver problems
    you have liver problems
    Contact your doctor or health care provider right away if any of these apply to you.

    Before using Lamisil:

    Some medical conditions may interact with Lamisil. Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you have any medical conditions, especially if any of the following apply to you:

    if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding
    if you are taking any prescription or nonprescription medicine, herbal preparation, or dietary supplement
    if you have allergies to medicines, foods, or other substances
    if you have a history of kidney or liver problems, lupus, psoriasis, or alcohol abuse or dependence
    if you have a weakened immune system

    Important safety information:

    All medicines may cause side effects, but many people have no, or minor, side effects. Check with your doctor if any of these most COMMON side effects persist or become bothersome:

    Diarrhea; gas; headache; indigestion; mild stomach pain; nausea.

    Seek medical attention right away if any of these SEVERE side effects occur:
    Severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, throat, or tongue; unusual hoarseness); mental or mood changes (eg, depression); mouth sores; new or worsening symptoms of lupus (eg, butterfly-shaped rash on the face, joint pain, seizures, skin color changes, unusual sensitivity to the sun); red, blistered, peeling, or swollen skin; severe muscle pain or tenderness; symptoms of infection (eg, fever, chills, sore throat); symptoms of liver problems (eg, dark urine; loss of appetite; pale stools; stomach pain; unexplained, persistent nausea; unusual tiredness; vomiting; yellowing of the skin or eyes); taste changes (eg, taste loss); unusual bruising or bleeding; unusual weight loss; vision changes.

  85. Haha,
    lasers and fungus! I can assure you that won’t work!

    Nonetheless, what do you guys think of the natural athletes foot cures? Do they work?


  86. After treating my fungus with the six month Lamisil medication, it has returned
    only on one big toe. I believe part of my problem is showering just before bed
    and not being completely dry. I’m starting to shower a couple of hours before
    bed, allowing my feet to dry completely. All I want is to be able to wear a pair
    of sandals without having to hide my ugly big toe! I will try the tee tree oil
    for the two months and post another comment on the status! Oh, also I was
    told to try blow drying my toes after the tee tree oil, so i’m gonna give it a

  87. Thank you John for your reply. I am on my second pulse treatment of Itrazole and hope this time it will be going just like on my first pulse. ( need to do three ) I had no side effects. But going to have a blood test done to see how my liver is going. Its hard to have an ugly finger nails when you are 26. Wish me good luck and i wish you all to get rid of this nasty yeasts whatever way you choose.

  88. forgot to add. Apparently my rough heels and toe part of the sole of my feel became more smooth and didnt get as rough as they used to be during this 3 weeks break of my pulse therapy- means i did have one of the candida on my feet too. I so hope i will treat my nails and will try to make sure my immune system is strong enough not to let it happen again.

  89. Hi everyone, i statred using fungis cure (zetaclear) since April 28. I would apply it 3 times a day instead of 2. Then on April 30th i got tea tree oil from cvs. I bought it from the pharmacy so its 100% Austrailian tea tree oil. So in the morning i apply fungi cure to my toes then around 2 i apply tea tree then before i go to bed i apply fungi cure again. Sometimes i do put tea tree oil on like at 1 a.m. I only do it because i wake up to feed my infant daughter, also i want it to go away quicker. I will keep ya’ll posted with my results from time to time.

  90. The tea tree oil does work, but has to be maintained even after your nails look cured. Someone mentioned taking a probiotic and I would also recommend supplements to clear yeast and fungus from your gut. Sanitizing your shower and tub is imperative. And a little warning, fungus can be sexually transmitted! If your partner has it too, they should be diligently treating it or you will be wasting your time! Mine was told to follow my toenail regime or sleep on the couch! :o)

  91. Well folks, I have tried the listerine, vinegar, and bleach trick, and it takes at least 30 minutes a day to soak your feet, in warm solution and be patient for over a year, now I have heard that Lavendar oil works, and tea tree oil, but it has to be 100 per cent PURE OIL, not the essential fragrance oil that you can buy at Wally world, it has to come from a health food vitamin store, such as GNC…. the cost is less then $10.00 and here again, I have heard that it works if you use it about 3 times a day , and at least for 3 months, and I can guarantee you all , if this works, I never want this back again, so I will probably use it for the rest of my life…. it does help to sand the nail down and try to get it under the nail, which can and maybe be a little painful…. but well worth the try ….. Doctor Oz says it works …. so I am on it ….. and I will report back monthly starting the first of July 2011…. so anyone with me…? one day , 3 times a day Lavendar oil, the next day 3 times a day —- Tea Tree oil, and yes it spells, but if I end up with no fungai, I can deal with it ….. Join me …. lets see

  92. I agree with princess (97).
    Do not stop treatment after your toe nails show improvement and please consider
    the following:

    Clean and disinfect your shower daily! IF NOT:
    you are stepping right back into your fungus

    Clean and disinfect your shoes! IF NOT;
    you are slipping right back into your fungus!
    I have heard of expensive steri-tech that can eliminate fungus inside your shoes.,
    At least spray your shoes with anti-fungal

    Wash and dry your socks on high heat! IF NOT:
    you are slipping right back into your fungus

    I have learned so much on this board and like to thank each contributor
    for their willingness to share and advise.

    Some of my experiences:

    Once you got toenail fungus, you got a “friend” for life that can not be
    eradicated totally, but kept in check without sacrificing life as you know it.
    Yes Ladies, Sandals are possible with a little effort!

    Once you have the fungus it is inside your body
    and shows up under your toe nails and (possibly quite a few other areas)

    1)Like most yeasty spores, they will start residing inside your body,
    it does not like “pro-biotics” yogurt-kefir-or pro biotic pills for vegans.
    2)Trim and thin nails affected, wash nails daily with Tea Tree Soap
    i trim all yellow parts and flatten the rest with a file.
    3)Sterilize the tools you used or use disposables (i wipe my tool with alcohol
    and hold it the over a gas flame for a minute)
    4)Apply your favorite mixture on your nail (Tea Tree, jojoba, almond, aloe,
    bleach, Vicks, Epsom, clay, egg whites, smashed garlic, Listerine, cornmeal mush
    peroxide, habaneros, and if you cleansed your inside but see no improvement
    a natural “leech treatment” might just do you good.

    Just started what I am preaching

    XO Petra

  93. By the way
    I invested $500 on Laser treatment with “Shiny Toes”
    a few month ago. After my follow up treatment
    my nails looked worse. Unless you have funds to go
    further then 2 treatment, SCAM or bleed more money Honey!

  94. Hello fellow Nail Fungus sufferers…
    Well, I did the new laser treatment that has been all over the
    news. It was $995.00 for the treatment of all 10 toes.
    Unfortunately it did not work!!! It was suppose to be 85%
    effective, but the fungus on my big toe is not only still there
    it is worse. I went back to the the doctor to have him treat my
    big toe again(only one this time)and its been one month since
    that last treatment, and I don’t see any difference as of yet.
    I have notice that the fungus is now on my right big toe and I
    am going back to the doc to have him treat the right one again.
    I’ve decide to add the tea tree oil to my treatment and see if
    that will help. I’ll keep you all posted as to my recovery. :-)

  95. samantha douglass says:

    Do not get pedicures that is how I got my toe nail infection to begin with 5 years and never been too severe to need treatment until now I am trying tea tree now…

  96. I’ve read a few different forums and have been treating my
    toenail fungus for almost a month now. Every morning, I give
    my feet a 20-minute apple cider vinegar/water foot soak, dry,
    and then q-tip my toes with tea tree oil. At night, I wash them
    and then q-tip with Vick’s Vaporub. Every other night I will
    file down the nail, which has made the toenail MUCH softer!

    Just to give a better picture, 8 of my 10 toenails had fungus.
    As it is now, I’m down to just 7 of 10 with fungus… and even
    though this is a slow process, I can already see it working in
    the other toenails. So I’m sticking with it!

    Good luck to everyone – remember, be patient and persistent! :)

  97. I started today with the following:
    1. Eating garlic in the morning
    2. Soaked my feet with water to soften all skin and nails.
    3. Cut and filed nails, and excess skin
    4. Applied vinegar, peroxide to all toes even if not infected
    5. Then followed by soakin feet in water/ clorox solution
    6. Vaseline and TTo put a bandaid around my big toes
    7. Sterilized my bath tub/shower with clorox, ammonia,magic eraser

    Hope it works….I’ll keep everyone posted

  98. I just recently realized I had “toe fungus.” Anyway, I wen’t to Whole Foods Market and just bought 100% tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is the most effective ingredient for fungus. So with all the prescriptions and cremes, and being that tea tree oil is the main ingredient, it makes absolute sense to use 100% tea tree oil. I simply used alcohol to clean my entire toe area, then hydrogen peroxide to be extra cautious, then cut off as much as my toe nail as possible, leaving me with half a toe nail. Then I put two drops of the 100% tea tree oil completely over my toe; over remaining nail and skin. I will do this two to three times daily until my nail completely grows back; and will continue with the 100% tea tree oil for one month after, two times a day. God’s natural remedy and patience is 100% effective.

  99. Also, after effectively cleaning the entire toe area, I made sure my entire to was completely dry before applying the 100% tea tree oil. I waited about 15 minutes after I cleansed my toe with alcohol and peroxide. It is also very important to let your toe breathe, using open shoes and no socks whenever possible.

  100. Hello, I have been suffering from toe nail fungus for years and nothing worked so I gave up, and got the courage to wear sandals. I trim and thin my ugly toenails. Its been like 6 months and the fungus is almost gone. I live in sunny california so I think all your nails need is to breathe. I’m pretty sure treatment and open toe shoes when ever posible are the cure.

  101. I have had toe fungus on both of my big toes.. For approx 3 years now.& not sure how I got it ..
    I am so embaressed by it I wear fake toenails&
    No one ever knows.!! It’s looks so real but I have to put new nails
    On at least 2-3 times a month!!..& I don’t mind I just new I didnt want
    To take the mess a Dr would prescribe to me.!! So I like what I have
    Been reading and will definaltey b trying the tea tree oil& the bleach
    Peroxide soaking…!!! Wish me luck I will keep u updated w the results..;)

  102. This WORKS! I have used prescription oral medication that did not work as well as tea tree oil.
    My daughter also used it to treat her pierced ears when they get irritated. She has a reaction to peroxide and tea tree oil heals her right up.

  103. It has been 18 days from using the 100% tea tree oil, and with proper cleaning, no lotion, and wearing open toe shoes, slowly my two toe nails are looking better. I also have been doing the same proper cleaning for all my toes, and have been using the 100% tea tree oil on all my toes, twice to three times a day. I have not been getting pedicures, but rather, I have been doing my pedicures myself; keeping my toe nails short as usual. Will give a post as my toes improve; with the same treatment of course.

  104. Oh ya, I do not use any nail polish. My pedicure is scrubbing my feet with a Pumi Bar by Mr. Pumis, taking off dead cuticle from around the nail, and simply keeping the toe nails short with a nail clipper. So anyway, no nail polish. Especially not nail polish used on other people. I will prevent “toe fungus” as best as I can. Take care all.

  105. DO NOT GET PEDICURES!!I am 39 years old, I got fungus in ONE nail when I was 18 years old. For 20 years, because I always took care of all my nails by myself, and was very careful, fungus never got to the rest of the toenails. As soon as I started getting pedicures, I noticed 5 more nails got it! Fungus are NASTY and will find a way to get your healthy nails :C even if they disinfect their tools.I recently started using Melaleuca Tea Tree oil, in ALL my toenails. Day and Night. It smells disgusting, but I promise will be consistent for 6 months. I will post again January 2012. Wish me good luck. I have tried lamisil cream, penlac, nonyx nail gel, and nothing has worked. BTW I got the onychomicosis at the swimming pool. I used to go 3 times a week and wore sandals. I think I got it because I injured my toe at the ladder.

  106. I had a fungus toenail since I was age 13 (big toe, right foot) and for about 35 years. My mom, aunt, and sister has the same thing. Anyway, someone suggested tree tea oil about 6 years ago. I started putting many drops on the toenail morning and night for several weeks, and months until the new nail was completely grown out. Now I put tea tree oil on for maintenance, especially in winter when I do not polish. It is great to wear sandals and feel comfortable for the first time, and I did not have to use unsafe products.

  107. I’m only 16 and have had toe nail fungus on my left big toe nail for about 2 years.I think that I got it when I was at the beach when I went into the bathroom with no shoes on while having my toe nails painted. When I took off the nail polish a couple months later I noticed the toe nail fungus. anyways I put on a topical treatment called fungicure and the nail started to grow out and a new one was underneath it. this was a year ago and there is still some of the old fungus nail connected to the new nail. the new nail now is starting to grow out as well and has a light yellowish color. After reading about tea tree oil I’m getting some and hopefully it will prevent this new nail from getting toe nail fungus and that the nail won’t fall off. I am SO sick of having a gross looking big toe nail and lately I’ve been covering it up with a band aide. I am praying to God that TTO will work!

  108. I have severe toe nail fungus, so severe that my toe nails are getting discolored,thick, and deformed. I go and get monthly pedicures and get them painted so that the discoloration does not show. Last week the nail on my (left) big toe broke in half. I went to get a pedicure and the nail tech put an acrylic nail on my toe. I want to start soaking my feet in tea tree oil soap to kill the fungus but will it work with the acrylic nail on? or do I have first have to get the acrylic nail removed for it to work?

  109. I am trying TTO now on my right great toenail, although I
    am not sure the white patchy area on my toenail is a fungus. It has been
    there for 2 years. I tried TTO in my ear a few years back and got an
    terrible terrible infection so I wouldn’t recommend that. There are good
    recommendations about disinfection of showers, etc. on this site.
    I also urge you to find a way to sterilize clippers, files, and cuticle
    scissors that are used on your toenails.

  110. This product will remove fungus from your life for good.. along with many other health problems.. its worth buying the kit..but the silver sol or silver solution will d the trick..no side effects and you can give it to a child.

  111. Thanks for all the information about TTO. Have toe nail fungus but scared to used Lamisil. I will keep you posted about the results.

  112. Hey all! great advice so far! I too have toenail fungus. On my pinky toes, it’s sometimes painful to wear ballet flats because of the pressure on them. I will try the tea tree oil and vaseline and band aid. I will stop polishing my nails for the duration of treatment and talk to a dr about acidophilus pills. I do believe that toenail fungus didnt originate on your body on its own. It is systemic. For example, I have tinea versicolor(a skin fungus), atheletes foot, and toenail fungus. WHo knows what elese! I’m a female college student, I take showers daily, it hurts my feelings when people assume that those with toenail fungus/fungus anywhere have poor hygiene. That is not the case. Anyhow, thank you for sharing and advice. Will be picking up tea tree oil tomorrow.
    God bless you all in your endeavors.

  113. tony, you have me cracking up with your “dreaded affliction”, lol
    I got my dreaded affliction through a pedicure, the guy was literally
    trying to kill my nail, my toe, and my foot. I was in pain throughout
    the pedicure because he was cutting in so deep, but I didn’t think of it
    much…I was distracted by a magazine and have a high tolerance for pain.
    Anyway, after the pedicure wore off I realized my nail just wasn’t the same.
    I stayed away from pedicures for about a year. My nail, has gotten better
    without doing much, but never to the point where I would venture out
    without nail polish. The nail bed was significantly smaller, yellow nail, and
    dead/soft skin from under the nail (fungus?) made my toenail unappealing….
    and to think that I was dating a guy with a foot fetish.
    Anyway, after a full year, I finally decided to get a pedicure (great deal
    on Groupon, couldn’t resist) at a different location. I told the person about
    my nail and she suggested Tea Tree Oil. The next day, I went straight to
    Whole Foods and got it. The smell is strong, but I do notice the affects. I
    I even used it on a sore that I had on my leg and it dried it up immediately.
    I will try a few of the soak methods that I read about here and will
    continue with the TTO. I just know that my big toe will get back to normal, and
    I will make sure that it doesn’t come back by sterilizing my shoes,
    bathtub, and whatever other tools that I use to give myself a pedicure.
    If I ever go to a professional to get a pedicure, I will bring my own tools.

  114. I always prefer natural treatments for my toenail fungus because they are safe and
    effective. Tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract kill fungi on contact, and among my
    friends who have had toenail fungus, these herbal treatments both have proven track
    records in the treatment of this unpleasant condition. However, if none of these natural
    remedies are available, I just use products that contain natural anti-fungal products like Fungusil because they’re effective as well.

  115. Hello. Your toenails need air to breath, so it is best to not use bandaids or other things that would cover the area.The tea tree oil will dry out your skin around the toenail, and this is normal and okay. Do not use lotion on, or around, the toenail that has fungus. Keep your toenail that has foot fungus dry at as much as possible. The more at keeping the toenail dry, the more success you will have. It has been going on two months of using the 100% tea tree oil, and cleansing with soap and alcohol, and my two toenails are growing in normal. I still have some time for my entire toenail to be successfully grown out in its healthy original state, I am continuing in applying the 100% tea tree oil to my toenails 2-3 times daily and continue in proper cleansing of soap and ribbing alcohol. Yes, it is embarrassing to walk around with an ugly half toenail and much dry skin around the toenail, but it is best to do what is best for proper treatment of toenail fungus. In a few more months, my toenail will be better, so whatever what people think. Will give a post in a month or so. Take care you guys, and remember, healing comes first.

  116. To Ana.DO NOT have an acrylic nail over the nail that needs healing. And DO NOT get pedicures in the state your toe is in. I work in a salon as an assistant, and I do not advise you to get pedicures while you have toenail fungus. If the lady who does your nails was a professional, she would give you the advice I am giving to you, instead of making profit off of you. Put the desires of having pretty feet aside for now, and concern yourself with having your toenail healed of toenail fungus properly and effectively. DO NOT use nail polish to cover the toenail. YOUR TOENAIL NEEDS TO BREATH FOR EFFECTIVE HEALING! Keep your toenail as short as possible, removing as much of the toenail as possible, cleanse your toenail with soap and rubbing alcohol, daily, and use the 100% tea tree oil on, and around, the entire toenail 2-3 times a day, using a cotton swab. Healing your toenail will take months, but do not allow yourself to get discouraged in the way you, and others, see your feet. Toenail fungus is temporary when treated the correct way. Take care hun.

  117. I have my mom (81) living with us now. She has to have help with most things now. Moving in
    this week and helping her. I discovered her “toenail” fungus…We are talking MAJOR gross.
    I have started her on the TTO and with it this bad can anyone give me a time on how long
    it will take to cure it? She has always slept in socks and always has tennis shoes on…
    BUT not at our house after seeing these toes…

  118. Lisa 2 above is correct… This tea tree oil is REALLY WORKING! Just get some for around $7.00 at Sally Beauty Supply or most healthfood stores, vitamin stores, and wholefood stores…even Walmart! I have had the yelow rough ridges very thick misshapen ( almost curved under ) big toe nails for years and I’m only 30 . I was too embarassed to even ask my Dr so I tried this first … Wish I did a long time ago!!!… Just wash em always dry em cut low …if u have ingrown nails it will be nice because you will nwver let them get too long to hurt !/ BUT if you don’t have ingrown nails be CAREFUL you don’t cut too short so u don’t get nails where the edges grown into the side of your skin …..then buff down with any emery board and apply the oil on nail and skin around. I have noticed it Is very strong but its a natural scent and if you just give it a few minutes the smell will go awa I have been going a mo.th and a half and I can totally see that it is pink flesh colored skin in the back 1/3 of the nail this IS WORKING …JUST stop waiting and buy it ! Keep at it cause once yousee results its worth a lil effort!!

  119. @Kat who posted months ago, I hope this finds you well. You mentioned something about Clorox,peroxide,etc. I hope you know not to mix these two substances together as it produces a deadly gas. Google it.

  120. To DAR DAR. Follow these steps and you will see improvement within 3-4 weeks. 1) Cleanse the entire foot with an antibacterial soap and warm water. 2) Using a Q-Tip, apply alcohol or peroxide to the entire toenail and around the entire toenail. 3) Wait about fifteen minutes for the area to completely dry. 4) Using a dropper or Q-Tip, apply the 100% tea tree oil directly on and around the entire toenail. 5) Repeat these steps until toenail is completely healthy again. DO NOT wear anything on the feet that would prevent the toenail from breathing, or getting air. Though it is best not to wear socks whenever possible, if socks need to be worn occasionally, make sure to wear cotton socks. Cotton is the one material that allows the skin to breathe. But it is best to wear sandals whenever possible.Your mom’s toe should heal in 6-8 months. Take care. And please, DO NOT use clorox or bleach. Wrong and bad idea.

  121. And DAR DAR, make sure to have your mom’s toenail as short as possible. If her toenail is too thick to cut, use a nail file to file it down. I cut 3/4 of my toenail off, as I noticed my toenail was no longer attached to the skin. From June 13, 2011, my toenail is about three months away from being completely healthy again. Keep your mom’s toenails clean and dry, and apply the 100% tea tree oil every morning and every night to all the toenails and around the toenails until the toenail is completely healthy again. Toenail fungus can spread, so that is why it is best for all the toenails to be treated in the same manner as the toenail that has the fungus. I hope the best for your mom.

  122. I am currently battling with fungus under the toenail of the two largerst toes. I live in Australia and Te Tree Oil is readily available as it is a native plant, though
    quite expensive to buy the 100% here. I’ve taken bits of advice from
    everyone and soak my feet in vinegar, 2 parts warm water to one part
    vinegar. Dry them then apply TTO. So far my toes look much better after
    4 days but I feel I have a long way to go yet. I’ve also filed the nails
    back front and top where it was very ridged so that the TTO can soak in.
    I spoke to my pharmacist who said it is very important to sterile nail
    clippers between treatments. She recommended using an alcohol based
    steriliser and also bleaching the shower after every use. This is all
    time consuming but I am hoping that I can wear sandals in public at
    some point. I’m 61 and have never had this problem before. I don’t
    know how I got it but I suspect it was a good pair of leather shoes
    given to me second hand. On the subject of shoes, the pharmacist said
    that heat and air will kill off fungus. So I leave any closed in shoes
    I wear on my balcony in the sun. Luckily we have a lot of sun in
    Australia. To increase the heat she recommended putting the shoes in
    a black plastic bag, tying it up to seal in the heat, then putting the
    bag in the sun. Has anyone got suggestions as to how they sterilise
    nail clippers? The area I live in does have high humidty in summer and
    that does not help, I’m sure.

  123. Marlene MacLeod says:

    My cat had ringworm, which is very difficult to treat because cats lick everything off. I treated two large ringworms with undiluted tea tree oil, and it cleared up in THREE DAYS! He didn’t mind the application, but hated the smell and therefore never licked it. I come from Australia and we’ve used tea tree oil for many things, including bee stings.

  124. I have been going to pharmacists for years and spending a lot
    of money buying lousy products against horrible cold sores (herpes)
    which appeared around my mouth area for years.
    An Australian girl told me her mum would use tea tree oil for
    all skin issues and suggested I try it.
    I AM SO SO GRATEFUL. No pharmacist had ever suggested it.
    I think many of them and the nasty pharmaceutical companies are
    just interested in making money and products which cannot be
    branded stress them out. How evil is that?? Anyway tea tree oil does
    smell strong but it is a natural concentrated smell and the small
    bottle will last you for ages. You can buy any brand as long as it
    is pure – just check there are no other ingredients.
    It has so many uses! I was amazed at how fast tea tree got rid of
    my cold sores and even prevented them from developing. I now never
    have cold sores develop as soon as I feel one about to appear I dab
    oil on it once or twice and in a day its disappears without ever
    turning into a cold sore!
    As for the toe nail fungus – I noticed a yellow blemish under my
    skin a few days ago. I was not happy as my toes were always a
    part of my body I liked (silly, but every has their quirks).
    A few days later thinking, “I hope this is not a fungus like my dad’s
    and if it is, I ‘d better get on to it fast..”
    I did a search and found some people mentioning tea tree oil was
    better for their toe fungus than any advice lousy doctors gave. This
    sounded so MUCH like my herpes experience: people really know better
    as the good news spreads and the proof is in the pudding!(By the way
    pharmacists are just as clue less – sadly I bet many
    are just interested in sales targets).
    Last night I started applying tea tree oil under my nail and cut
    my nail before applying it so I could get under the nail as much
    as possible pressing the skin under my nail down. It did sting a
    tiny bit but this morning I already noticed the blemish which was
    pretty close to the nail edge had already disappeared.
    I don’t know if the fungus or whatever it was that was causing
    the yellow blemish under my big toe nail is gone completely but
    I will carry on applying tea tree just in case.
    I really hope I nipped it in the bud. I had no idea you could also
    file the nail down from the top and rub tea tree on the
    nail itself until I read it on this site so
    thanks: I will save that tactic in the event
    I see the fungus comes back. For now I will continue putting tea tree
    on my nail edges for a week and hop that will prevent this
    appearing or affecting any of my other toes.
    Thanks to everyone who is submitting honest advice – and I hope anyone
    on here that is trying to flog any branded bs products realises
    that karma normally gets you back.

  125. Okay, so my toenail fungus is looking so much better. However, the 100% tea tree oil did dry my skin to the point that I now Dyshidrosis. It’s little watery itchy bumps on my toes. Anyway, I use cortizone 10 plus creme and all is getting better. Also, 100% tea tree oil dries out pimples, but only apply it one time on the pimple, because if applied more, the skin will dry, crack. and itch.

  126. I don’t have any discoloration on my toenails but some of the nails were starting
    to curl. I went to a Podiatrist and she said it was nail fungus. NEVER had it
    before! She recommended tea tree oil. It smells awful!!!!!! I’ve only used it a week
    and I no longer can stand the smell. But if it really works I’ll stick with
    it. :(

  127. I injured my big toe at a concert, years ago (Austin City Limits).
    Well, the nail bed turned purple/black, instantly… and I lost the nail.
    Since then, it’s been thick, nasty, yellow, and flaky. My friends and
    even strangers comment that it’s disgusting. I have my hang-ups… but,
    luckily, I just shrug and don’t let it bother me too much (there are far
    better reason to dislike me).

    So, I tried a variety of over-the-counter stuff. I even took the oral
    fungicide (NASTY)… which was a temporary fix. The infection returned.
    Last year, I tried the Vicks Vapor Rub approach… and it seemed to help…
    but, well, I strayed from the path.

    I’m fairly logical. I have a science degree. I dislike trying alternative
    medicine… but it’s obvious that the medical industry has little
    interest in promoting non-profitable solutions. So, out of desperation,
    I’ll try the TTO approach. What a hassle. Ug.

    Save your money and your liver: avoid the oral fungicide. A few have
    posted that we’re stuck with this for life. I suspect that that’s true.
    At least we have toes (so, it could be worse). Listen to your body.
    If you try something like this… and you feel ill/etc, STOP.

    In conversation the other night, an EMT told me to urinate on my toes
    in the shower. I did a bit of reading (you can find scientific journal
    articles on the use of urea [a component of urine]). Urine should be
    safe. It’s unappealing, sure… but it’s sterile and has anti-fungicidal/
    anti-bacterial components. It’s your body… but, I intend to try that,
    too. There seems to be a long history of using urine on wounds in
    survival situations. Better yet, it’s free. Just clean the tub regularly.
    Good luck. This fungal toe business just s#cks.

  128. I’ve been suffering with toenail fungus for 20 years. tried
    lots of home remedies…Clorox,vinegar, peroxide, even tea
    tree oil. But honestly never apply treatments for a month.
    But I’m fed up & ready to get rid of this disgusting problem
    once and for all. I hate when a guy say I like a woman with
    pretty feet, then I look like that excludes me…lol. I laugh,
    but it’s really not a laughing matter. So, I started my treatment
    by soaking my feet in apple cider vinegar for 20 mins ( once
    every 4 days). Dry them completely. Wait for 5 mins to make
    sure nail is completely dry.( A fan may help). then I apply
    100% tea tree oil- 3 times a day. By night time I apply blue
    star ointment over each toe as well as foot. This helps kill
    fungi infections as well. Its only been 1 week, but my foot
    feel a whole lot better & the nails are finally looking a bit

  129. Have been soaking hands and feet 30 min. with ACV on regular basis for several weeks now.
    Completely drying them, putting straight TTO on nails and cuticle. Now experiencing
    blisters at end of toenails, and on sides of toes, very uncomfortable. Reading where
    ACV rids toes of blisters, I’m wondering if nail fungus is removing it’s self by the way
    of watery blisters, I’ll continue to soak a while longer, to see what happens. Worst
    case I guess is nails and toes fall off feet.

  130. So, I’ve been trying the tea tree oil (TTO) method for three weeks, now. I apply TTO twice,
    daily. As I said, I have a fairly advanced infection. So, being male and geeky,
    I used a Dremel tool to knock-off a few millimeters of thickness (nasty business, that).
    Losing quite a lot of nail mass helps the appearance. It’s also psychologically valuable.
    It feels like I’m DOING something about it. Meh — only time will tell if this is a
    viable approach. I elected to remove nail material with the [ostensibly valid] thought
    that mechanically removing that material will accelerate my recovery.

    Despite whittling away much of the nail, the nasty yellow color remained. After a week
    of TTO treatment, it mostly “went away.” Alas, I suspect that the infection may have
    traveled back to the [inaccessible] root of the nail (the nail matrix — anatomical term)
    … and I can do little about that… for it’s physically inaccessible. .

    It’s been three weeks, now. I do not see any yellow/fungal-looking bits on any part of
    the big toenail. However, small fungal colonies are invisible to the naked eye. It’s
    supposed to take 12-18 months to regrow a toenail. I plan (hope) to continue the TTO
    treatment until then. I’ll also urinate on the toes every time I remember (yeah, I
    seem to have a hard time remembering to do that).

    You should note that there’s a bit of good information on nail nutrition/etc on Wikipedia See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nail_(anatomy)

    Good luck… and please post your progress/results. The efficacy of home treatments
    cannot be evaluated without data. Please provide data.

  131. Okay, so my toenail fungus is gone. From June 26,2011 to November 4, 2011, I have been treating my toenail fungus with the 100% tea tree oil, and it is gone. Following the remedy I posted on June 26, 2011, my two toes are healed. Hope my posts helped. Many blessings to all!

  132. Oh, and it took from June 26, 2011 to November 4, 2011 for my two big toenails to completely grow out. Keep in mind how I kept my toenails as short as I could cut them. Take care all.

  133. Thanks Lisa. Keep us updated. Are you going to keep a maintenance regimen with the TTO?

    I just got a prescription for Diflucan but will give the TTO a chance before i go with the meds.

  134. Thank you Lisa, I read your posts from beginning to end, will be trying the tea tree oil ASAP!
    Thanks for sharing, and thank you to all of you for being so open

  135. Hi Lisa,

    i was wondering if by chance you were taking pics of your toes to show the progress. I just started the regimen you started back in June, and I was just curious to see exactly how bad your case was to see if I could get an idea of exactly how long it would take me to finish my treatment with the TTO. If you did, would you consider sending them out or posting them somewhere to do a comparison. To me, my case is pretty bad, but that’s because I’m VERY self-conscious of my toes, so I want to see if I’m just overly anxious, or it’s just that my case is VERY bad. I hope I’m making sense :-)

  136. Hi,
    I have just been to the podiatrist. He has never seen my toenails polish free until today. I have some white patches on my big toes which seem to buff off so I never thought it was fungal. Apparently it is and he has buffed the white off and said to use 100% Tea Tree Oil. He suggested I buff the white off each morning which will also remove the tea tree oil each day and then have my shower and then dry my feet well and re apply Tea Tree Oil every day for at least 2 weeks. He said it is important to buff the fungus off each morning before applying the oil.
    Hope that helps others.

  137. I love the naysayers on here when clearly a lot of people have found TTO completely effective and I believe in it too! Should be noted: Certain elements like a carb/sugar rich diet increase fungus in the body. Wear leather or open toe shoes as often as possible. Keep feet dry and clean. Don’t over cut cuticles. Keep nails shorter while fighting fungus, but generally speaking your nails are protectors and shouldn’t be cut to the quick. Use natural (unpasteurized) apple cider vinegar with the mother which is the important part of vinegar for fighting infection. Make sure you apply TTO to the cuticle, not just where the fungus is. Good luck! Fungus is so gross!

  138. I had yellow on the big toenail ,put olive oil on it and the nasty yellow is growing out. Jesus used olive oil as the anointing oil, check it out.

  139. try gardens of life fungal defense. its great at getting rid of fungus thats in your body that feeds toe nail fungus. i also use tea tree oil. give it a try.

  140. Back in March of 2011, a substitute nail tech generously gave me a bacterial infection, lots of of pretty green and yellow coloration under my the left side of my big toe nail. Complained to my regular tech, clipped the nail way back, and used triple antibiotic so it cleared up well, but was unfortunately my big toenail was very short and embarrassing throughout sandal season. A month or 2 ago (not sure because I had polish on it till then) the right side of the toenail has started to separate from the nail bed. I also noticed a white patch on my other big toenail when I removed the polish. Haven’t had the nerve to face my nail tech yet since I believe I now have a fungus starting. A few weeks ago,I trimmed both toenails and started a regimen of fungal soap, ProClearz and ZetaClear two to three times a day. Hopefully this will clear up the problem really quick! Would it be better to just get 100% TTO? I do not want another summer of embarrassing toes!

    Another question: I recently noticed a slightly painful sensation across the top of my toe cuticle, near the matrix. It creeps me out to think that I may feeling fungus festering and growing there, and I’ll need to risk oral meds to really get at the fungus. Am I just overthinking this?

  141. I tried using Campho-Phenique liquid. I put it on my toe twice a day with a q-tip for a couple months. Then stopped thinking it wasn’t working. And now a few months later the fungus is almost cleared! I’m going to put some on every day or two to make sure it doesn’t come back.

  142. So I’ve had this nasty looking toe nail for like ever now, probably 20 years. So I heard about the TTO remedy so I started it on New Years Eve last week. So far it’s actually looking better. I had an actual thin black line down the middle of my second toe, right foot. I’ve cut at much of the nasty nail away as I could and apply 100% pure TTO under then nail and at the cuticle (basically the whole toe nail) two times a day. I’ve started blow drying my feet after bathing and filing the nasty white crap off the nail before applying the TTO. I was watching The Today Show this morning and Dr. Nancy Sniderman (sp?) was on and talked about a line similar to mine on a toe nail. She said that it could be an indication of a very serious melanoma. Needless to say it kinda freaked me out. I’m going to the doctors later this month to get things checked out. In the past I’ve taken ketaconazole for almost a year to get rid of the fungus but it didn’t do squat for it so I quit. I had to keep getting my liver checked!! Ohh and I bought my 100% pure TTO for only ten bucks at the local health food store, it’s two ounces. I’ll keep those interested posted as things progress. I appreciate everyone post here and actually read all of them last night. I really hope that the TTO works for everyone! I much rather take a homeopathic cure over rx drugs anyday! = )

  143. I just want to say no matter what treatment you decide to use you need to be diligent and patient, the toe nail take between six to nine months to grow out. The remedy will stop the fungus to spread out but the area with the fungus needs to grow out of the nail bed. And remember until this happens the minute you stop the treatment you will see the fungus coming back to life but don’t give up! ***tea tree oil, garlic, lemon among others are antiseptic, antfungal, antbacterial, others***

  144. Thanks Calryo! I don’t care if I hafta take stock in TTO I’m getting rid of this crap!! I’m even treating every toe I have just to be sure my lil piggies get cute again!!! I’ve also starting taking Biotin for healthier nails & hair. Haven’t started eating the cloves of garlic on a daily basis, but WTH, I’m single, might as well do it now then! LMAO!! Take care everyone!!

  145. To clear up my toenail fungus that I developed last March, I used Dessert Essence Tea Tree Oil Skin Ointment in addition to 100% TTO. TTO was drying out my toenails and the fungus was not totaling clearing. This fall I began to apply the TTO before breakfast and then the ointment about an hour later. I wore open-toe sandals whenever possible during the day. I applied 100% TTO before going to bed. For the last month my toenails have grown out firm and are easy to clip. I maintain the good condition of my toenails by using the ointment on a daily basis in the morning.
    I remembered the tea tree oil ointment from advice my sister-in-law gave my mother several years ago. Her mother had used the ointment three times a day to clear up her toenail fungus. I had my mother use it, also three times a day. Her fungus cleared up. Hope this helps!

  146. Try and catch the fungus earlier, it has a better chance and faster chance of clearing up. keep feet as dry as possible ESPECIALLY AFTER SHOWERING DRY OFF GOOD, use sandals when possible, no nail polish as it can spread to other toes. Wash your bath mats every couple of days and get in the habit of spraying down your shower, use a clean bath towel everyday, use TTO twice a day under nail as possible and over nail. am and pm. in the evenings use vicks vapor rub by itself, rub on toenail. Always wash and clean toenail clippers with hot soapy water and alcohol. Also before treating feet clean with cotton ball and alcohol. It will take a while, but it will slowing go away. I hate it, but say a word of prayer and try your best and be consistent! Also get those toenails some sun, that helps a lot to. You will be on your way pretty healthy toes. When it is cleared up used TTO just as maintenance ABOUT 5 times a week in the am.

  147. I took care of a stroke-victim w/Diabetes. When taking her in for a pedicure, her Dr. told the Caregiver(s) to ‘brush’ the toenails with tea tree oil morning & evening (using a little paint brush). Her nails started clearing right-up!

  148. Hello everyone, my problem with nail fungus has gone too far, i have it all over my hands and i think my toes are starting to get infected, i used to cover my finger nails with nailpolish and fake nails b/c theyre just so ugly, in 2 months it grew from one nail to 7!! I will try Tony’s treatment (February 26, 2010) hope it works. It sounds convincing….

  149. Tea Trea oil does work, but if i put it in on in the morning I believe the scent is so strong, people can smell it through my shoes at work. Any ideas on how to solve this problem? Thank you.

  150. hi everyone, i have fungus on my 2 big toenails i have tried fungi cure & it did not work for me but im gonna give this tree tea oil a try & i’ll update if it does work for me.. it sounds like this really works!!!!

  151. I had a severe big toe nail infection about 18 months ago and it was disgusting looking. After searching the internet and reading about three tea oil I gave it ago.

    Using 100% tea tree oil and after washing and drying my feet I applied the oil with a cotton bud I made sure to cover the nail well especially at the sides, I did this every day for months, very boring and the smell while it didn’t bother me it can drive some folk crazy.

    It’s important to use it on all your nails as the fungus is easily spread.
    Very slowly I began to see an improvement and today there is only a small corner tip of my nail that has to finish growing out.

    On the badly infected big toe nail i keep scraping out the old dead fungus from underneath as much as I could in order to let the new nail grow out un-restricted.

    A lot long and boring hard work but my nails now look like a picture of health. So it worked for me and that’s the truth.

  152. From Experience Life December 2011: “Since these infections thrive only in a biochemically imbalanced and susceptible body. They feed on sugar and processed carbs and the acidic environment they create: Eliminate sugar, alcohol and processed foods from your diet as much as possible. Increase healthy immune-boosting foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, and leafy greens especially. Take a probiotic supplement like acidophilus daily to boost good bacteria, and supergreen powder that includes spirulina, wheatgrass and chlorella to keep your body’s alkalinity high. You can also sip on tea made from pau d’arco, a South American herb with strong antifungal properties.”

  153. I have had fungus under my left toe and my left thumb nails for years and years. I tried everything until a foot doctor told me to use Tea Tree Oil. I have been using it now for about 2 months and it seems to have moved from under my nails. With that said I now have a red rash with tiny bumps now on my skin right below my thumb nail and toe nail. I keep putting TTO on it but it doesn’t seem to be doing much on this strange rash that must be the fungus that was under my nails???? What else could it be?? I did not read on anyone’s replies that this had also happened to them… I went online to see about this rash but haven’t found anything. Any ideas as to this red rash and what should I do about it.

  154. John Wallstrom says:

    Tea tree oil worked for me, but I did not like the smell.

    I have used Original Listerine Mouth Wash with excellent result. I apply it
    with an Eye Dropper every morning after the shower.

    My nails used to be discolored fractured and pitted. Now, my nails are
    perfect and my wife is jealous. No need for me to feel embarrassed at the swimming pool.

    My fungus is long gone, but I still apply the mouthwash with an eyedropper
    every morning. I don’t want the fungus back!

    Be patient, after about 3 months you will see the deformed nail slowly being replaced with a beautiful nail.

    Another plus, my shoes don’t smell anymore!

  155. The nails on my right foot have been infected for 20-25 years. The only attempts to treat them in the past were with over the counter topical creams which were completely ineffective. On November 15, 2011 I started twice daily applications of tea tree oil ($9.95 at walgreens). Within two or three weeks the nails began to degrade and chip off and within four weeks all five nails were eighty percent gone. I presume the nails flaked away as a result of the the killing of the fungus that infected and inhabited them. Then I used a nail file to file away the remaining twenty percent of the nails, removing a small amount each day over a four week period while continuing to apply the tea tree oil twice a day. At this stage, roughly two month from the start, the nails beds were completely exposed but they needed further treatment because the fungus was still visible. I continued to treat the nail bed twice daily with the oil. At the start of the third month the exposed nail bed looked mostly clear of fungus. That disgusting putrid yellow fungus color was largely gone. I am now three months into it and the new clear nails are slowly growing out over the (presumably) fungus free nail bed. I still apply the tea tree oil twice a day and will continue to file off areas that appear to have localized fungal infection. I should also note that I frequently use Vick’s vapor rub over the partially dry tea tree oil and I believe the thymol is effective at carrying the oil more deeply into the nail, nail bed, and skin and thus speeding the elimination of the fungus.

    Thanks to all those who have posted here.

  156. Tea tree oil and zetaclear really worked for me to clear up my nail fungus. It will take a while plus discipline to apply the treatment everyday but you will see results!

  157. I am not 100% sure if I have a toenail fungus or not… Had a light colored ‘line’ running from top to bottom of toenail, which led to a white detached portion of the nail at the top side of the nail.
    So, first ?: how do u know if it really is fungus?
    Having heard so much about the terrible woes of fungus sufferers, I immediately started looking for an answer. Clipped all the way down (to the point that I fear an ingrown nail) and began using an OTC tea tree oil fungus topical…that said “does not work on nail fungus” but was all the pharmacist could recommend.
    It seems to slow things down…but no stop it…
    So after researching, I began soaking in apple cider vinegar each night followed by TTO at night and in the am. About 6 weeks later seems to be managing it, but I still see a little ‘shadow’ of darker pink nail where original problem started.
    Second question: am I really affecting whatever it is that I have?
    Finally, having read everything I can, I understand that getting the TTO in contact with the fungus is a critical element in the formula…have filed nail to try to get better contact but I wonder….
    Third question: could there be anything to be gained (or lost) by sterilizing a needle, and carefully poking a hole into the nail in the problem area so mess can soak down? I have done this when I have had an injury under the nail to release pressure with some measure of success…

  158. I finally decided to see a podiatrist since all the over-the-counter & home remedies simply did not work. She recommended two methods of treatment: 1) topical Formula 3 solution or 2) oral Lamisil tablets. I opted for the Formula 3 solution which I have been applying twice a day with the applicator brush provided with the bottle. I have to say that for the first time in my life, I am seeing improvement. The Formula 3 does not require any drying time and it is odorless. Its main ingredients consist of various oils which supposedly penetrate the nails more effectively. Although it costs approx. $45.00 for 1/2 ounce, a little goes a long way. I have found the product online for much cheaper, but apparently, it is not recommended to purchase this product on the internet. There have been reports where the product is mislabeled or expired if bought online. I am scheduled to see my podiatrist again in March, so I will report my progress with Formula 3 as often as I can. My podiatrist swears by this product and after 1 week, I have seen a noticeable difference.

  159. longtime sufferer says:

    Mine started 12 years ago on one nail (thanks EX-boyfriend), then moved to my pinky toe. I tried Penlac with no luck, but cured the initial toe with a tea tree & jojoba oil mixture. I cut the nail completely off to treat it and it hasn’t returned on that toe. But the pinky toe stayed sick & infected the toe next to it, then eventually both big toes. Various OTC brush on’s haven’t worked despite me using them religiously.

    I did the laser last Sept. for $1000 combined with the formula 3 twice a day. Only one big toe is mostly cured, the others are still very infected. Here were the instructions given to me from the podiatrist, though it didn’t really help me: keep nails trimmed short and filed, disinfect nail utensils after each use, spray shoes with antifungal spray after use & alternate shoes daily, change socks at least once a day, wash feet daily, treat athlete’s foot, use antifungal powder if feet sweat, wear sandals in hotel rooms, public showers, pools (which hasn’t applied to me since Sept). I also spray my tub with bleach after each shower. I’m allowed to wear polish only briefly for special occasions, but I must remove it ASAP, but I haven’t worn polish in about 2 years, use Formula 3 twice a day.

    After that didn’t work I started soaking my feet in vinegar 30 min a day and applying the formula 3 but still no change. Now I’m doing vinegar soaks and applying tea tree 2x daily. I wear shoes as seldom as possible. I think mine is also internal, so I’ve also started with herbal supplements. I was recommended a yeast balance kit plus olive leaf extract pills. The kit is a 10 day supply which contains a combo pill of oregano/peppermint/thyme/goldenseal, probiotic pills, and fiber pills. I got it from GNC. I also read that olive leaf extract is also very good for curing fungal infections. Hopefully this internal & external treatment will work. I’m so tired of fighting this.

    The vinegar soaks definitely kill any athletes foot. It works better than any cream, powder or spray that I tried. I saw someone ask about blisters, yes I had some small water blisters develop between my small toe & on the ball of my foot. I think it was the fungus being drawn out of my skin because with continued vinegar soaks all blistering is gone and no more scaling or cracked heels. I’ve also noticed that immediately after a soak I can easily scrape incredible amounts of dead skin off my foot. If nothing else my heels will look awesome this summer!

  160. Ive had an infected ingrown toenail for 13 months and its very painful. Ive tried several different
    home remedies to no avail. I just read up and
    saw that tea tree oil seemed to be helpful to
    quite a few people who left comments. To be honest ive even considered smashing my big toe with a hammer!!!!OUCH……I just want my nail gone and its pretty costly to have it removed by a podiatrist…thanks for opinions

  161. I’ve just started using tea tree oil for my toenail fungus.
    I’ve tried many products & have even shaved my big toe down to the skin hoping to get under the neail & heal from the skin up.
    Where exactly does the fungus live? If it is under the nail or IN the nail it makes no sense to treat the top of the nail or the cuticle. I will be shaving my nail again and see what happens.

  162. I started using tea tree oil eight months ago. I only used it when I freshly cut my toenail. I made sure I got tea tree oil under the nail. The first application I followed what another poster mentioned – I found the smallest drill bit I had and hand drill three holes into the worst part of it, far enough to notice but not far enough to feel pain. It has taken a little time, but I believe getting the tea tree oil down in the nail helped a lot. Just be careful!

  163. Our bodies are colonized with microbes. Bacteria, yeast, fungi that are a part of the topmost layer of skin. The various colonies keep each other in check unless there is an opportunity for one group to flourish. Skin fold or vaginal yeast infections are examples of how normal skin and body “bugs” can take off when something disrupts the normal concentration–such as killing off the bacteria that keep the yeast in check. Our healthy skin helps protect us from infections..

    Everyone’s feet have fungus or mycobacterium. If there is any damaged skin when the nail is injured or the skin is broken, the conditions on the feet and nails are ideal for mycobacterium to thrive…moist, dark, warm. The other “bugs” that keep the mycobacterium in check don’t like those conditions. This results in the nail fungus bugs having the perfect place to grow with no competition. = fungal nail infection. Some people are more susceptible to foot and nail infections than others.

    The “bugs” that cause fungal nails reproduce themselves very slowly, That is why it takes so long for them to all be killed off. You have to keep hitting them over and over when they are vulnerable. It takes several months…and then one or two might remain behind,.,so a while after stopping the symptoms return.

    To completely treat fungus you must be sure socks are changed frequently, be sure you are not re-infecting with your shoes…treat them by washing and drying in the sun( sun is deadly to those bugs) or with antifungal spray and dry. Don’t wear the same shoes every day if you can help it…let the shoes dry out completely between wearing.

    I would caution against using Clorox on the skin since it is excessively drying and can cause skin to crack—another opening for bacteria and fungus to take hold. If you have diabetes or poor circulation DO NOT try any remedy without your doctor or nurse practitioner’s direct supervision. Any small injury can lead to amputation…really.

    Trying Tea Tree oil or Vicks is not terribly risky unless you are allergic to them. The oral meds have to be taken for a long time—because it takes a long time to kill the mycobacterium—but they are usually effective. They are hard on the liver and a person must be watched closely by their care provider. Which ever treatment you choose, be sure you don’t re-infect with your old shoes or slippers or from the environment.

  164. I found the smallest drill bit I had and hand drill three holes into the worst part of it, far enough to notice but not far enough to feel pain. It has taken a little time, but I believe getting the tea tree oil down in the nail helped a lot.

  165. John Goodrich says:

    I have fought with toenail fungus for years, I tried the Lamisil and it went away for years. It came back and I tried cleaning my nails with hydrogen peroxide and then washing then applying bleach (messy process). This was a long tedious process and after many months applying the peroxide and bleach I had read a blog about filing down the nails and then applying the peroxide and bleach. I did that and there was some improvement but the fungus remained. Finally one day a freind recomended Tea Tree Oil, I started on March 7th four nails were infected with this fungus and here it is April 17th and now I have a little remaining on one toenail. Tea Tree Oil works and it works fast, I think clipping and filing the nails is an important part of any treatment. I also accepted the fact that this fungus is not cured but is controlled. So buy stock in Tea Tree Oil because I’ll be using it for a very long time.

  166. John Goodrich says:

    I also notice a lot of people on this blog have ingrown nails along with the toenail fungus. That is a tough situation, what I did in the past when clipping my nails I clipped the ingrown nail like a “V” instead of flat and that prevented the nail from growing out, and evetually I was able to trim out the ingrown part and continue to trim the nail in the shape of a “V”, maybe not so prominet today but same princibal and try using the Tea Tree Oil twice a day for the toenail fungus. The path of least resistence.

  167. You must trim the nail back all the way….wherever you have separation of the nail from the nail bed it should be trimmed. Then apply the tea tree oil (I’ve been using Zetaclear). It does work pretty well…but is still a slow process.

  168. For 2 weeks so far I have been soaking my feet in epson salt, vinegar and peroxide every morning. I apply TTO and a paint on fungi liquid also. Although my big toe nails fell off and I am filing any residue and new pink nail is growing back, hurray, it seems that there isn’t much happening to my little toes. I know it has been soon, but does anyone know if the smaller toes take longer to see results?



  170. Take a good hot shower take a soft brush and clean the heck out of your toes.Dry thoroughly, use hair dryer if necessary. Then find a pair of thick clean white socks and sprinkle lavishly -Gold Bond Medicated powder, in the toes of your stocking . Keep applying it when it seems to be disolved, throught the day.Everytime you shower do the same thing.Repeat treatment until it is gone.

  171. it has now been one month using TTO and the big toes are really starting to look good but again not much change on the little toes. Has anyone else seen this and does anyone know if the smaller toes take longer to grow??

  172. happy cured says:

    Tea Tree Oil twice per day, use a knife to scrape away the bad stuff (don’t go overboard). You will see healthy nail growing in 3 weeks. Keep going until it’s all grown back and a little more ;)

    It worked for me. Cheers!

  173. happy cured says:

    Tea Tree Oil twice per day, use a knife to scrape away the bad stuff (don’t go overboard). You will see healthy nail growing in 3 weeks. Keep going until it’s all grown back and a little more ;)

    It worked for me. Cheers!

  174. Ms. Natural says:

    I keep hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle in my shower, to spray shower down after each use. H2O2 is H2O with an extra oxygen molecule- when it’s done cleaning, and the extra molecule leaves, it’s water. Safe. Clean. Cheap.
    Just started all yous good advice on my poor hubby’s feet- hoping! Thanks.

  175. The Melaluca solution from the health food store works – tell them what you want and they will point it out – but you have to be a creature of habit. You have to apply it every day, AFAIK. And as you know, toenails are really slow growers, so you may be applying it for months!

    But it works, and I’ve had no side effects that I’m aware of.

    Also, the fungus sneaks up on you. I cure it and suddenly notice it’s back. I’d suggest a discreet reminder on a calendar to inspect your toenails monthly.

  176. I actually DID try urine ! It seemed to help a bit with the fungus, but got to hard to do – maybe it would be easier for a man. but I did notice something amazing. For who knows how long I really didn’t have clearly defined nails on my little toes. After the urine treatment, now I do !!

    I did start using tea tree oil less than a month ago, and I definitely see an improvement. I am pretty psyched that if I stay with it will clear up. It’s hard to look at the nails, but i think if you keep cutting away at them to get at the nail bed, that’s all to the good. As for keeping with it, so what if I have to do it forever.

  177. I am finally attacking my nail fungus using Kerasal Nail and tea tree oil. I’m taking pictures of my toes every week for everyone to see (gross but hopefully helpful). Not selling anything, just want to help. Nailfungusdiary.com

  178. 1. Soak feet daily for 1/2 hour with 2 parts warm water 1 part vinegar (i do it while watching TV). 2. Dry feet. 3. File nails down as far as possible. 4. Push back cuticles. 5. Apply Tea tree Oil twice daily. This will work. i had the WORST toenail fungus for the longest time on ALL my toenails and it worked. Period.

  179. Yolanda White says:

    I was suffering for toenail fungus for years now and I don’t know what to do and where to turn to. How do I go about getting the tea tree oil?

  180. Greeting all …
    While the suggestions above are well meant, some good some perhaps not so, please remember that you must clean your footwear of the spores of the fungus. If’n you don’t you simply provide a safe haven for the spores.

    I recommend a UV-C lamp of about 8 watts power. BUT be careful and do not look into the lamp – what is bad for spores and bacterial is also not *at all* good (very bad) for us humans too. Bye-the-bye UV-A and UV-B are not effective against this gunk.

    I had a bad infection for years and the lamp killed off the spores’ “home zone” and with prolonged treatment (Euc Oil and others) I have perfectly clean (but 72 years old) feet.

  181. Many thanks to you all. It took a long time to find this website which is not selling a product and speaks of genuine experiences and results! I’ve been Copying and Pasting like crazy to preserve each gem of both positive and negative experience. One subject which I’d wondered about was what to do about shoes. We can’t throw them out every day. At last, I saw this and copied it in italics!; spray shoes with antifungal spray after use & alternate shoes daily, change socks at least once a day, wash feet daily, treat athlete’s foot, use antifungal powder if feet sweat,

    Thank you, one and all!

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