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If you have fungus on you toenails or fingernails, you likely would do just about anything to get rid of it. Treating nail fungus can be a long-term project that requires patience, adherence to a treatment plan, and sometimes doctor intervention. Luckily, Zetaclear Nail Solution makes it easier to treat this common condition with a topical application. It is also an all natural treatment, which means it is generally safe to use. If you are the type who hates taking prescription medications, using a topical, all natural solution like Zetaclear is just the option you need to control your nail fungus. Before you run off to the doctor for a prescription drug, try this unique blend of oils to penetrate your nail bed and heal your nail fungus.

How to Use Zetaclear Nail Solution

You take three drops of the gel solution and apply it directly to the top of the nail. Spread the solution around with the applicator and try to get some of it underneath the nail to ensure adequate penetration. Immediately place a waterproof or regular bandage over the gel-coated nail. Make sure that the bandage does not slip around on the nail. If it does, replace gel and bandage as necessary. Every other day, clear out the keratin debris that will accumulate under the nail. Twice per week, gently abrade the the top of the nail with a file to help the solution penetrate into the nail bed. You should start to see results within four weeks.

ZetaClear contains a proprietary formulation of natural oils each of which has been demonstrated to contribute to the promotion of healthy looking nails.  Zetaclear also contains Tea Tree Oil which has been shown through studies done by Mayo Clinic to be effective in treatment of fungus on the fingernail and toenail.

The following ingredients are what helps to clear up your nail fungus.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a popular ingredient in nail fungus treatments – and for good reason. It is a potent antiseptic and well known for promoting skin health. Tea tree oil contains a powerful chemical called terpenoids that also help penetrate the nail and cure the nail bed of any fungal contaminants. Australian aborigines have used it for thousands of years for just this reason. Recent scientific studies have supported this ancient use of tea tree oil and shown that it is effective against skin infections. The oil is drawn out of the tea tree constituents by steam distillation of the leaves. This ingredient is generally considered safe, but it can occasionally cause skin irritation on contact. Zetaclear dilutes the tea tree oil with other oils to prevent this side effect. You can read more about Tea Tree Oil Benefits here.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is a powerful moisturizing agent that helps keep the skin supple and works to keep the nail bed moist so the medication can penetrate further down. This oil has been used since Egyptian times to keep the skin and nails soft and moisturized. It does not cause any skin irritation or allergic reactions on contact, making this a safe, effective ingredient in Zetaclear. It is also non-greasy, so the likelihood that the oil will slide around on the nail is decreased with almond oil. The skin absorbs it very quickly, and this helps it penetrate into the nail bed for optimal fungicidal effect. Almond oil has also been used to remove black marks on the skin, which is another reason it is great to use for discolored nails.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is native to the American southwest, and native American tribes have long used it to promote skin health. The oil is primarily taken from the jojoba seeds, since this part of the plant is roughly half oil. This ingredient is helpful because it is chemically very like human sebum, which is the oil that your skin naturally produces. It, therefore, helps to keep the skin and nails moist when the fungus tries to dry out the nail bed. The oil helps to break down the keratin, or nail matrix, and allow the other ingredients to seep into the nail bed.

Vitamin E Oil

Antioxidants are powerful chemicals that roam the body and scrub it free of toxins. Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to science, and by making it an oil and using it topically, you can get the same antioxidant effects. This means that the toxins caused by the fungus residing in your nail is neutralized and cleaned out by the power of the vitamin E in this oil. Furthermore, vitamin E oil is often used to help reduce the appearance of scars and any blemishes that appear on the skin. It is a powerful skin moisturizer and can help to defeat the toxins that a resident fungus produces in your nail. By removing these toxins, your nail slowly starts to return to a normal, healthy color.

Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass is native to Asia and India, and if you have ever eaten cuisine from countries in these reasons, you may have tasted it before. It has a slightly citrus flavor to it, and that is also why it is known as citronella. Lemongrass as citronella is used in candles and sprays to help ward away nuisance bugs, such as mosquitos. Research has shown that lemongrass oil is also a powerful anti-fungal, and this is why the creators of Zetaclear include it in this topical medication. When applied topically, this ingredient kills off the fungus growing under your nail and causing discoloration. It is one of the powerful ingredients that works directly on the fungus itself in the Zetaclear solution blend.

Undecylenic Acid

Undecylenic acid is the most powerful anti-fungal ingredient in the Zetaclear solution. It is a fatty acid originally derived from Castor oil, and many studies have shown great results when using this oil against nail fungus. This ingredient is also effective against many types of skin infections, such as Athlete’s foot, yeast infections, jock itch, and ringworm. All the other moisturizing and carrying oils are to deliver this ingredient to the nail bed. It is often prescribed by doctors in prescription strength, but it is more than effective at the strength in Zetaclear. Occasionally, this ingredient can cause skin irritation when it comes into contact with sensitive skin, but the other oils in Zetaclear are effective in diluting it enough to prevent this possible side effect. If you do experience irritation, discontinue use and consult your doctor for a different nail fungus treatment.

Clove Oil

You may know clove oil from its use in dentistry. Your grandmother may have used it on your teeth and gums to help relieve toothaches. This is because clove oil is a powerful anesthetic and can help take some of the pain of nail fungus away. It also has a great antiseptic effect, and it helps to kill off bacteria and fungus that reside in your nail bed. Clove oil mainly comes from Madagascar and Indonesia, and the oil can come from the bud, leaf, or stem if the plant. The most powerful oil comes from the stem, and this is most often used in nail fungus treatments, such as Zetaclear. However, the Food and Drug Administration recently withdrew its opinion that it is helpful for toothaches. Its current stance is that there is not enough information for that claim. However, the FDA has no stance regarding clove oil’s antiseptic properties.

Our Findings have been shown that Topical Treatments such as Zetaclear are more effective when the user files down the infected nail so that treatment can penetrate further into the nail and nail bed.  There is a guarantee with this treatment and we recommend Zetaclear as an alternative to prescription medications to treat nail fungus infections.

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12 thoughts on “Zetaclear Reviews

  1. I bought one bottle of ZetaClear to try out, totally expecting it not to live up to its claims, and it began working immediately. Applied three times a day (as per the instructions), I found that the fungus was actually dying within two or three days. My toenail went from being the icky dark brown from the fungus to being an icky-er shade of black for a couple of weeks. The fungus was dying and the nail was growing back clean and fungus free! Then it was just a matter of time, waiting for the old nail to grow out and be replaced by new, fungus free nail over a period of about 8 to 10 weeks, with ZetaClear still left in the bottle. Try it, you’ll like it.

  2. Read the ingredients….the one that takes care of the fungus is tea tree oil…and it is reasomable cheap at the health food stores in Canada…..

  3. Its true you can get tea tree oil by itself has anti fugal properties however
    you need some of the oils that zetaclear has to PENETRATE the nail to the nail bed where the fungus lives

  4. I have had toenail fungus for over 30 years. I purchased a lifetime supply of Zetaclear. I have now been using it for 5 months. I have noticed only slight improvement in appearance to 4 of my 10 toes.

  5. I wanna buy Zetaclear online but how come the website shows only the ‘One month supply of ZetaClear System’ and cost $389.75? I only wanna buy 2 bottles which cost about $75. What can i do?

  6. my son is 14years and he has problem last 3years 4time nail taken out but still every after 2month badly his leg thumb nail grow and go inside and with small touch with anything blood start coming out and fungus came.

    if you have any expert in Kolkata, India please send me address i’m very sacred in furture it become big problem

    Waiting for quick response.

  7. It’s clear doctors have no clue how to solve most nail fungus problems. There are many types of infection, and factors such as diet and imune system only complicate things.

    Visitors to this site offer hundreds of remedies, but these folks are rearranging deck chairs on the Titantic, because very few are talking about the real problem — the nail itself, which is a physical barrier between any topical and the infection.

    Some medicines claim to penetrate the nail but they deliver an insignificant dosage to the fungus to have any noticable effect.

    If, like me, you are unwilling to take oral medicine owing to the unllikely but serious health risks, you MUST remove the part of the nail over the affected area and remove the junk below it on a weekly basis, then on a daily basis, apply a topical daily (home and over-the-counter). If one remedy doesn’t work, try another, and another. Expect no less than 3 months to clear it up.

    I removed most of the nail and junk with clippers and applied ciclopirox from eBay (1/10th the price of the prescription laquer), and not laquer based). Took 6 months to kill the fungus. Would have been easier to have used nail removal liquid from the start, but I didn’t know of it, but you can go get it now.

    I suspect that if your use the Zetawhatever topical only on the affected area, after removing the nail and junk above it, you’ll have good results. But toss the spray in the trash. You don’t need medicine in your blood unless you have a serious disease, and toe fungus doesn’t count.

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