Natural Treatments for Fungal Infections of the Toenail


Nowadays it seems as if there are natural treatments for every possible condition and ailment that affects us… and there pretty much is. However, choosing the correct medication for your specific needs is very important. Despite common beliefs herbal medicine is more than a combination of daily vitamins, if you have a pre-existing condition it is extremely important that you check with your doctor before adding any type of herbal medicine, or supplements. That said, let me say that applying an herbal fungicide to a toenail fungal infection can, and does, prove to be very effective. 

There are some natural treatments that prove more effective than others, however, beware that there are tons of websites selling natural treatments for fungal infections because the condition is so prominent, and it tends to respond very well to natural fungicides. All of these websites are going to boost they are the number one selling fungicide on the market, and they may be on their market on one certain day. Some of these treatments are very pricey, and I would strongly suggest shopping around before deciding on one treatment, and even then I would be 100% sure it had a money back guarantee.

Basically any treatment has the potential to kill the fungi as long as it has an active fungicide in it. Read the bottle, or the consumer report, and see what the actual reputation of the product is, another good idea is to call your doctor, or podiatrist, and ask their opinion on the most effective natural treatment on the market. Trust me with all the nasty side effects associated with prescription fungicides, they will have some suggestions on natural treatments, and you would be surprised at the amount of practitioners that suggest natural treatments before prescription medications. 

Of course another good idea is to simply use items available to you at your local pharmacy or health food store. You can buy items such as lavender oil, and tea tree oil, as well as taking the proper steps to ensure the fungus does not have a suitable environment to grow and thrive in. By this I mean no nail polish ladies, washing and scrubbing away the dead skin your feet at least twice a day, and changing your socks throughout the day if your feet sweat. Although the natural approach is usually topical there are several herbal supplements you can take that serve as an internal, or systemic, anti-fungal agents, without all those nasty side effects. These include:

  • Olive Leaf extract
  • Garlic
  • Oregano
  • Echinacea and Golden seal (combined or separate)
  • Castor bean oil extract
  • Grapefruit seed extract

There are many more these just happen to be the most common. It is perfectly harmless to take an oral anti-fungal agent, and use a topical fungicide, this helps fight the fungus inside and out! Remember, never start any type of new medication, natural or otherwise, without consulting your doctor. Natural medication has the potential to interact with traditional medication, and some underlying conditions can become worse when you add supplements. This is why it is imperative to consult your doctor before self medicating!

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7 thoughts on “Natural Treatments for Fungal Infections of the Toenail

  1. may I add that manuka oil is also a natural anti-fungal oil. as well as birch oil.
    green tea also helps improve the condition.these are three of the main ingredients
    of the cream my brother used when he had toenail fungus. the product was zetaclear.
    i’m not trying to advertise or give you any link or spam this site, i’m just
    recommending that zetaclear really works, with the fact that it is also
    all brother’s toe became better in just two weeks.with proper
    medication and hygiene, the nail just became normal again.

  2. One treatment not mentioned is Potassium Permangenate.

    For 30 years I have suffered nail fungus, diagnosed as Candida Albicans and had ALL the medical treatments and most of the others. None worked. The only one that nearly worked was a US nail paint based on Salicylic acid… unfortunately halway through the treatment it was withdrawn due to patients getting skin burns.

    A few years ago I rememberd having athletes foot cleared as a child using Potassium Permangenate footbaths, which died the skin brown but worked. I decided to try this on the toenails. I soon gave up the footbaths and kept my mixture in a dropper bottle – each day coating the nails and their edges after 12 months, 7 of my toenails had reverted to normal and the others showed signs of improvement. Unfortunatel a switch of coutries and unsettled life stopped the treatment And the infection started to spread. I have restarted and 6 months on have got back to where I had been… definite improvements in the last 3 so I guess another 12 months could finally see me cleared. Fingers crossed.

    One benefit is it is really chip just a few pennies for a years treatment.

  3. Success story
    I had fungus under both big toes for 6 years.
    I had all the proprietary treatments and the potentially liver damaging tablets with no success. Then one of the doctors that I had not seen before in my surgery suggested I try applying Canesten thrush cream just wiped under the nail and then put a smear of tea tree oil in the surface of the nail. Well unbelievably the white fungas went black in one day. I continued to apply this treatment twice a day morning and night for about 3 weeks and by then it was clear that it was dead. My nails have now grown out and look normal again. I think the canesten may work on its own but I just did what I was told. The doctor had said that other patients had found it cured them too.

  4. There are some people, motsly male, who won’t go to the doctor even if it’s free. Ignorance is bliss figures into the equation, as does people worried about gettting probed where they don’t want to be.

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