Do the Natural Products on the Web Actually Cure Toenail Fungus



There are several products available on the web, and all of them claim to be the very best at curing toenail fungal infections. However, there are two products that stand out against the rest they are Zetaclear and Nail Rx. There are many success story’s associated with these products and the best thing is they are all natural. Many of these toenail fungal infection medications are quite pricey and this is no exception when it comes to Zetaclear and Nail Rx, Zetaclear will run you about $60.00 for two bottles, and Nail Rx is about $75.00 for two.


Let’s break them down; Zetaclear includes several all natural ingredients including tea tree oil, a well know all natural fungicide that has proven effective against toenail fungal infections. Other ingredients include:

Almond oil- is great at soothing dry cracked skin, just like the kind associated with fungal infections

Jojoba oil- is also great for promoting skin health 

Vitamin E- A great antioxidant

Lemon grass oil- Promotes skin and nail health 

Undecylenic Acid- Again, promotes healthy skin

Clove Oil- A wonderful natural analgesic 

The break down of the ingredients shows that the tea tree oil is the active ingredient in killing the fungus, the other ingredients, aside from the clove oil all promote healthy healing of the skin. The clove oil provides a natural pain reliever.

Nail Rx also contains tea tree oil as the active fungicide in the ingredients. Nail Rx also contains:

Lavender- is known for its sweet smell and the fact that is promotes skin and nail health.

Lemon Grass- promotes skin and nail health 

Clove Oil- for the natural analgesic


Both of these products contain the same active ingredients and have supporting ingredients for the health of your skin and nails. Zetaclear offers a 90 day money back guarantee, and Nail Rx offers a 1 year guarantee. However, Nail Rx is a bit more expensive, but if it does not work you can send back your empty bottles and receive a refund. Clinically speaking the ingredients used in both of the products have the potential to kill the fungi, without the risks of prescription medication

If you should choose to buy another type of natural toenail fungus medication, you should investigate the company and make sure they have an honorable reputation. Often the easiest way to ensure this is to check with the BBB online, if the company checks out and meets your expectations the next step is to research the ingredients. All websites selling natural medication should fully post an ingredients list with an explanation of each and every ingredient. The product should offer a natural fungicide and other ingredients to support skin and nail health. Because there are so many of these “fly by night” operations selling natural medicine on the web, it is also a good idea to check for a money back guarantee. As long as you do your research you should come out on top! If all else fails there should be a representative available to explain every last detail of the medication to you.

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