Tea Tree Oil – Nature’s Cure for Nail Fungus


Rarely is there a natural treatment that comes along so effective that medical doctors suggest using it before prescription medicine. Well, tea tree oil is one of those rare cases, many doctors and hospitals alike suggest the use of tea tree oil over the more harsh effects of prescription medication. This natural medicine is so effective that it has been suggested as a therapeutic remedy by the Mayo clinic. To better understand the effects of tea tree oil, you must understand the plant itself, and its physical properties.


The plant is native to Australia, and has been used for years by the people of Australia in treating and preventing infections. The plant itself does posses antimicrobial properties, and while it is thought that the plant has much potential many of the studies using tea tree oil on humans have centered around fungal infections only. The only problem with that is, the treatment of fungal infections is so long and tedious that many individuals give up mid trial, and drop out. The drop out of even one individual in these clinical trials can leave the results null and void, or at the very least marked unclear data.


Mayo clinic aside, the overwhelming response by the general public is astounding. Performing a simple search for tea tree oil will bring you to thousands of forums discussing the effectiveness of the herb on toenail fungal infections. These are not people trying to sell you a product these are people simply ecstatic that they cured their problems naturally, and inexpensively. It is very important to say that the effectiveness of the herb may vary from person to person, and will no doubt depend greatly on the severity of the infection.

It is recommended that the individual use 100% tea tree oil when available, and apply it to the surface of the nail, as well as the surrounding tissue affected. Filing or removing parts of the affected nail will help in getting the melaleuca oil to the fungal infection in the nail bed. Also, If you plan on treating your fungal infection with tea tree oil it may benefit you to purchase some melaleuca oil soap or shampoo, and wash your feet several times a day with it. After washing your feet dry them very well, and then apply the medication directly to the affected toes. Careful not to over do it, as it may cause irritation.


It is imperative that you know tea tree oil is strictly a topical treatment, and you should never ingest it as it can cause severe toxicity. Also, if you experience an allergic reaction to the medication discontinue use immediately, and wash the affected areas thoroughly. As with any herbal remedy contact your doctor before starting a therapeutic regimen, tea tree oil may be a natural medicine but none the less it is a medicine, and your doctor must be advised of its use! This is especially important if you have a skin condition such as eczema. Keep in mind that a fungus grows in a dark damp environment, preventing this desirable environment and using the tea tree oil will aid in your recovery.


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189 thoughts on “Tea Tree Oil – Nature’s Cure for Nail Fungus

  1. Fatima Damree says:

    Dear sir
    My husband have a problem of nail fungus .he have make many treatment like lamisile but it did not make any difference.We want a treatment if u can help him.

  2. I was reading this on the web the other night on toenail fungus I’m going to try this regimen i also have a toenail fungus maybe this will help you go to this address

    what you’ll need is peroxide, vinegar ,clorox, tea tree oil, Vaseline.

  3. Both of my big toenails had severe fungus. I used the Tea Tree Oil (zetaclear) and it worked. It took a couple of months for the new toenail growth to come in, but when it did, there was no sign of fungus. It’s been a couple of years now and I just noticed a small sign of the fungus again. I’m back on the Tea Tree Oil. Even if I have to do this every couple of years, it’s well worth it.

  4. DEBIE WALKER says:


  5. I have had big toenail infection for the past 12 years. (Ever since having both big ingrown toenails removed.) I have tried soaking the nails in listerine and applying Vicks Vaporub over the the nails. This retarded cracking and chipping while restricting the fungus to 1/4 of the big toe. This did not “cure” the fungus. The nails remained discolored, with ridges and cracking. Now that I live near Mexico, I can afford to drive across the border and purchase medication without a prescription. Before I attempt to purchase the ONLY cure I have been is effective (Lamasil) I will try the trea oil to preserve my liver. I will repost in coming months to let everyone know how this progresses.

  6. laady Reyes says:

    hi im new to this i had gone to various doctor to cure my right big toe which infected by fungus and i want to know what i can use to cure it

  7. Lamisil does not work for toenail fungus. The bottle will tell you it is for foot fungus, and ringworm. The medication that will work for toenail fungus is only available through a prescription.
    I have no idea if the tea tree oil works. It may be worth a try. Remember, though, just because something is not a prescription or considered a drug, does not mean it cannot have negative effects of the body.

  8. Will your toe nail fall off with this treatment. I started the Tea Tree Oil last week and my nail is loose.

  9. I hate toe nail fungus! I have been suffering with it for various years now, and i am only fifteen. I am a very very beautiful girl, but having that stupid toe nail fungus lowers my self esteem a lot. I have it all on the nails of my right foot, it looks disgusting. Everytime i see it i can’t help but cry. I just want something that will cure it because i’m sick and tired of it. I love to wear flip flops and open toe shoes because my feet are very pretty and i have cute toes, its just that ugly fungus that kills it. I don’t want to be having to hide it all the time with nail polish or anything anymore, i just don’t want it at all. I’ll try anything to get rid of it.

  10. The Tea Tree Oil works… but you have to be patient. I file/buff my nails regularly using an electric nail file/buffer (like they use when getting a manicure)… put a few drops of the TTO on the nail.. let it dry and then buff the nail again.. allowing it to seep into the nail.. Buffing helps to remove the some of dead nail too and reduce the thickness of the nail…. I have removed the fungi from two nails completely, one was really bad but I have it back to 90% and one is not 80%… I did not even have a big toe nail on my left foot… it’s requires lots of patience… so use zetaclear or fungisil which contain tea tree oil and you will be surprised

    I also plan in to invest in a small handheld sander for the hard skin/callouses on the feet… to keep them away too…

    I can wear sandals again…

  11. I have started using tea tree oil on my big toe nail. Does tea tree oil really smell that strong? I have bought mine at Walmart. Has anybody out there can recommend a brand that doesn’t smell that strong. I want to try it on also on my skin tags. I’ve read that it also help get rids of skin tags.

  12. I hate my nails, they look so ugly, both big toes on my feet have that nasty nail fungus, and it gives off a wierd disturbing smell, i’ve also had it for several years, i’m going to try the Tea Tree Oil, it’s embarrasing because my girlfriend has the most beautiful feet i have ever seen in my life, and when i look at mine, it’s just gets me down really bad, I WANNA LOOK GOOD FOR HER TOO!!

  13. I know someone who has very bad toenail fungus which has been treated with tea tree oil and kyolic garlic capsules. I had only a small amount of fungus which I cut away and treated with tea tree and worked particularly to heal the scabby skin around the nail and prevent more fungus growing while the nail grew out. DON’T WEAR NAIL POLISH! It is the devil!

  14. I’m a bodybuilder, 240lbs. Really never cared about how my feet looked. My wife complained about my rough toes/toe fungus. I went to my doctor and she prescribed me “Diflucan”. At first I was reluctant because my wife said, this was used for yeast infections for women. I used it and I would say in approximately 5 months, my bad toe nails literally started to grow and my big toe nail grew and fell off but to my surprise new fresh nails grew. I tried Lamasil, dollarstore products, flee market products,,nothing worked. I’m still amazed how my feet look. I stop taking the product for about 4 years and just this year I noticed my middle toe (right foot) and small toe showing minor signs of returning. Overall, my feet still looks great. Thinks it time to get a new prescription..

  15. I had a bad nail fungus on my big left toe a couple of years ago. I read about using tea tree oil on it, so I decided to give a try. I buffed my nail down thin gradually once a week and applied the oil twice daily. I was very determined to get rid of this ugly mess under my nail. It really gave me the creeps knowing I had something growing under my nail. My aunt and mother have toenail funguses also and still haven’t tried it after me telling them about the TTO. Guess what, mine was gone in about 8 or 9 months and they still have the fungus because they haven’t tried TTO and are affraid to take the medication for it because it is so damaging to your liver. After about two years I now have another fungus on my big toe on my right foot now. I am now back buffing my nail down thin and applying the TTO to get rid of it off this toe now. By the way, buffing the nail down thinner helps the oil get down under the nail easier and where the fungus causes the nail to thicken. Good luck, it worked for me!

  16. I have been soaking my feet in hot water with chlorine bleach periodically. I put my feet in the hot water first, then poor the bleach directly on the toes. It seems to be helping, but I do have a problem with getting it under the toenail where it will be more effective. I just noticed Rhonda’s suggestion of buffing the nail down thinner. That sounds like a plan, and I will implement it from now on.

  17. First of all, tea tree oil has not been suggested for use for toenail fungus infection. It hasn’t formulated an opinion either for or against. Secondly, Diflucan (a prescription drug) although effective can have serious liver function side affects.

    [admin edit: added mayoclinic text for clarification]

    Fungal nail infection (onychomycosis)

    Although tea tree oil is thought to have activity against several fungus species, there is not enough information to make recommendations for or against the use of tea tree oil on the skin for this condition.

    [end admin edit]


  18. For my own toenail fungus problem,
    I have been using a product that uses tea tree and jojoba oils.
    It doesn’t have the strong smell that tea tree oil alone has.
    The results are good. My brother who is a veterinarian
    developed this over the last 10 years and he’s great about
    answering questions (not just his sister’s). I too have to be very
    careful about taking internal medicine due to liver function, so
    I find this a very good solution to my toenail fungus situation.

  19. I’ve had the toenail fungus problem for a long while now. My solution: hide it with nail polish! But I did come across an e-mail that said Vicks Vapo Rub helps, so I tried it. Strangely, it DOES help, but I’ve found it to be a temporary fix. It seems to make the fungus fade, but it comes right back again if I quit the Vapo Rub. Where should I look for tea tree oil?

  20. The proof is in the pudding. Doesnt matter what has been proven or not. People use it and it works, and thats all I need to know!!!

  21. Well it has probably been 2 years since the first signs of toenail fungus on my toes.
    It started on 1 nail and moved on eventually to 4 nails. the big toe seems to be perfectly fine though.
    I figured it would just go away on its own but now im trying the tree oil method.
    I guess I will see if i remember to make another post after i see any results. But i think it might take a few months.

  22. I tried tea tree oil for one day. I put in on my big toe before going to bed and the next morining the skin around my toe had a huge, festering blister around it. There are extreme allergic reactions to tea tree oil out there for some of us.

  23. Judy Mitchell says:

    Have read threads and ordered tea tree oil from
    Garden City Health Products. No product received.
    Chased up with company, limited and evasive response.
    Still no product received. Spent NZ$80-00 plus
    on credit card. Conned?

    [admin – It’s important to buy a topical treatment from a reputable company, here is a link to one]

  24. Judy:
    Sounds like the rip-off artists at Vacuum Stop on Amazon.com
    and Amazon.com helps them rip people off!
    Anyway, contact your credit card company and ask for help.
    Next, go to Walgreens and get two bottles for $90.
    Good luck, my doc told me about TTO and I’m starting to us it.

  25. Thank you for posting. Having trouble finding information on selecting tea tree oil?
    Do I need to know any particulars beyond choosing 100% tea tree oil? Thanks!

  26. Ideally a combination of tea tree oil with Almond Oil & Jojoba Oil along with Tea Trea Oil is ideal to allows the Melaleuca extract(tea trea oil) to penetrate the nail to kill the fungus.

  27. I have been having a problem with toenail fungus on my big toe on my right foot. I just started appluing TTO to the infected nail and surrounding skin today and will let everyone know how it goes. FYI, I already did the medication thing a year ago and it eventually got rid of the problem but now it is back and I don’t think I can do the medication thing again since it might be too much for my liver. To everyone else out there, good luck.

  28. Well, I did some research, it appears that there was a study conducted
    on 60 people with onychomyscosis (toe-nail fungus)(p value<.0001). The
    researchers found that 2% butenafine hydrochloride with 5% Tea tree oil
    applying 3x a day for 8 weeks cured 80%, whereas just TTO 0% were cured.
    here is the study:

    now the TTO is easy to get but you may have to settle with Lamisil Ultra
    which is non prescription and only 1% butenafine hydrochloride. But it
    just may work. All the other 2% drugs happened to be prescription (mentax,

    Good luck to you all.

  29. To Chez about skin tags. A friend of mine went to her doctor for skin tags. The doctor numbed them and just snipped them off with sterilized scissors. I did the same thing using Anbesol as a numbing agent. Worked great.

  30. Tea Tree Oil does work but in order to keep it from coming back, you have to treat the fungus that is growing within your body. Take probiotics to start then get rid of the yeast in the digestive tract, which is what has caused the fungus on the toes in the first place.

  31. I have had this dreaded affliction for some time now and there is
    a way to get rid of it. It takes patience and a multi directional
    attack. file the nail down as far as you can get it without
    causing injury. Apply vaseline to your feet but not the nail. This
    is to minimize any irritation to the skin.
    Then soak the feet in peroxide, vinegar ,
    clorox and tea tree oil. Soak for at least ten to fifteen minutes.
    About two tablespoons of the peroxide,and bleach. About a
    tablespoon of tea tree oil. Dry the feet and nail. Apply 100% tea
    tree oil to the affected nails. A three week treatment of this
    will get rid of this. Took me a while to figure this out.Good luck.

  32. The fastest way to get rid of toenail fungus or fingernail is vinegar mixed with a 3% hydrogen peroxide. The mixture 50/50. Keep adding it with a dropper or soak until there is no fizzing (if it is severe) and when there is minimum discoloration. Some people will feel as slight pinch after awhile.

    This is then followed by getting your hands soaked in a Clorox bleach (in U.S. you use Clorox, in Thailand we used Haiter). A strong concentration is 1 cap per 1/2 glass of water, stir and soak. And leave your finger with fungus for about 1/2 minute. If severe fungus then try 1 cap Clorox to 4 caps water. Again leave for about 1/2 minute. Chlorine will be absorbed through the fingernails during that time.

    Rinse in water and dry it and follow this with a 50/50 mix of vaseline and tea tree oil. Put in on the fingernail and put on Band-Aid (in Thailand we use tensoplast) and leave it on for a whole day and repeat the vinegar and H2O2 again, followed by this 50/50 mix of vaseline and tea tree oil again. Doing this for at least 3-4 days. And it should be all gone. Actually it should be gone in 2 days if the required maintenance of reinfection remains. Please remember that Band-Aid is not absolutely required depending on circumstances. It just helps you save time in preventing the reapplication throughout the whole day. I much prefer, especially for the fingernails, to reapply it for a whole week to keep that tea tree oil -vaseline throughout the day. In case of a toenail, especially if you use tennis shoes or shoes that prevent air circulation or no sunlight, then it Band-Aid and vaseline-tea tree application maybe necessary.

  33. Hey – I saw someone’s post about paying 80$ for tea tree oil! I got mine at Trader Joe’s. The same one shown in the pic in the article. They also have it at Whole Foods. Or any natural store.

    I am trying this now, and I hope it works!

  34. Hello, Daino how do I mix the Tea Tree Oil with the Lotrimin Ultra to obtain
    the correct mixture for applying to my toenail fungus.
    Thank you for your help

  35. Hello, Tony how much vinegar do I need to mix with the peroxide, clorox and tea tree oil? And how many times a week? Daily??

  36. I have fungus on three of my toe nails. The first nail became infected back in 1995.
    I’ve tried everything! Four months ago I started using tea tree oil. If this
    didn’t work I was going to get the nails removed, I was done! To my surprise,
    and great relief, my nails are growing back clearer. I’m sure I’m going to have
    to use this for the next year, but it’s well worth it. One day, I might even be able to get a
    pedicure for the first time in my life. I’m thrilled :-)

  37. To the 15 year old. Why go on about how pretty you and how cool your feet are and let one toenial “lower your self-esteem.” What does your looks and your toenail have really to do with self-esttem.

  38. I had a doctor prescribe a lengthy routine of antifungal meds to help me get rid
    of a gut fungal infection. Sounds icky – I know. Anyhow, the meds (which
    included eating a clove of garlic a day!) totally helped me with the bloating
    that was part of the gut infection – AND it cleared up my toenails which I
    did not go in looking for a treatment on! That was just a bonus. Now, the
    infection is back (probably because I laid off the continuous garlic and then
    the “good bugs” I was supposed to take to help me get my gut back in healthy shape)
    But I think the garlic is a real good idea since it kills fungal infections.
    I’m going to try the TTO along with garlic and see how that combo works.
    Good luck everyone!

  39. I’ve had what I assume is a toenail fungus for almost the last 2 years. It
    years. It kind of goes away in the winter when I use tea tree oil
    and stop painting my toe nails. But I put polish back on a
    couple of wees ago and it came back. Is it an allergy or a
    It’s so embarrassing because I want to wear sandals. I’m going
    to try the tto, peroxide and vinegar. (sorry, no bleach on my
    skin. That’s insane!) I pray it works!

  40. Gene Anderson says:

    There is a new product out called PK4. It contains all natural oils, including Tea Tree Oil. I was given a small bottle 6 months ago by a friend who knew how much I hated how ugly my toes looked. After 30 days of twice daily use my nails showed healing improvement. After 6 months my nails looked normal.

  41. Hi for those skin tags… I did it for a few, if the stick out, use a thread tie it around it, as this will cut the circulation of fluid feeding it. this will make it dry out and it will fall out… :)

  42. Toenail fungus sucks! Seems like no matter what anyone trys the fungus just keeps coming back, and you end up having to treat it again. I want something to get rid of it for good. Not just six months to two years. I want it gone and to never have to deal with it again. Is there anybody who got rid of it for good or is treating it going to have to be an ongoing thing? And what causes it? Because I’m pretty sure it showed up just after my last pedicure. This girl cut my toe right next to my nail. Ever since the nail started to grow back really flaky, thick and gross. Just the one though. It’s only been about two months but I want to stop the infection before it spreads. And I don’t want it to ever come back. Help please?

  43. Has someone used the 3 nail fungus products recommend in this website? I want to try the
    natural treatments:TTO, vinegar, and Bleach, but I also would like to see if the
    others products work too.

  44. You can get Tea Tree Oil from Puritan’s Pride Vitamins.
    I have used it several times for different things.
    I will try the TTO, vinegar, and bleach. I have tried
    the Vicks, and it seemed that the TTO and the Vicks did
    more good than anything.. I got lazy and quit.. DUMB
    thing to do…It was clearing up..

  45. Oh, yes, I also tried the listerine soak.
    The weirdest one I was told, was from an Amish
    man.. He said to soak your toes in your own urine.
    I just couldn’t bring myself to do that.. But he
    said it was a sure cure for toenail fungus..

  46. I’ve been using the tea tree oil for about 2 weeks applying it to my toes. I start by filing my nail then applying tea tree oil twice daily. So far I see I slight improvement. I just need to remember to be patient. I’ve read it takes a few months for a new nail to completely grow out.I have faith this is my solution. Good luck!

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