My Personal Journey in Curing Nail Fungus for Good – A Weekly Treatment Diary

This is a guest post series from a follower of the blog. The goal is to chronicle the various ways one person can treat and get rid of nail fungus for good. We hope you enjoy!

Week 1 – Hi my name is John and if you are like me one day you looked down at your feet and thought wow my toenails look pretty gross. Could be at a pool party, walking on the beach or just wearing your flip flops out in public. For me I love training in martial arts. In the martial arts gym you are always barefooted. No shoes allowed! It was there one day that it hit me, amongst all these 20 somethings with clear nails my nails looked yellow and crusty. It was really embarrassing and I vowed to clear them up once and for all.

Nail fungus never really appears out of the blue… its a gradual thing… get a crack in your nail… walk around the shower in the gym barefooted… wearing your shoes constantly without letting you toes breath and next thing you know your nail start getting little cracks and discolored. My story is that I took a break with martial arts training to have a family and to work on my career and so after 5 years decided to starting training again.  I never really cared what my feet looked like, however that changed when I got back into martial arts.

In the gym you are training in close quarters, whether you are grappling, wrestling or sparring so being clean and cleanliness in general is of a high concern. You don’t want to be that guy that has terrible body odor or super bad breath…

Now I’m no spring chicken but I’m not “old” either I’m in my late 30s but when I stepped onto the mat I noticed right away how gross and yellow my big toenail looked. Now I looked at my feet a millions times before that day stepping onto the mat, but never really noticed or cared. Yet here I was the “older” guy in the gym looking quite the part with my yellow nails and all.


From that day forward I always hid my toenail with black tape when I was in the gym. From time to time someone would ask me why I was wearing the tape and I would usually say “oh I jacked up my toes hitting the heavy bag” or “tweaked them while sparring”… at this point no one evens bothers anymore… as they must be thinking his toes are permanently screwed up!

If you take a look at the picture you can see why I usually wrap them up. They look gross!

So I have to do something… I can’t always wear tape around my toes and summer is coming up! So I’m going to detail here my experience in trying the various methods of curing my nail fungus on this blog. Following along with me and leave your comments below!

Week 2


So my strategy is just to go to local drug store and pick up a cheap bottle of anti-fungal solution from CVS. I’m using undecylenic acid. Also I’m filing my toenail down. It way too early for any real results but I think filing down the crusty parts is better than nothing at all.


Week 4

Not much has changed.  Just plugging away and applying the CVS treatment daily as well filing the yellow parts down.  I think the root base of the nail is not yellow but it seems that the nail as it grows out develops a yellow tinge as well as gets flaky and not healthy looking.

My plan is to finish the bottle out in another few weeks before switching up my treatment options.



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One thought on “My Personal Journey in Curing Nail Fungus for Good – A Weekly Treatment Diary

  1. Hi, did you ever clear it up? I found what really works in addition to filing is this: get an old toothbrush, apply soap to it, and scrub your nail really well, getting in around the edges etc. Dry it off. Apply Vicks vapor rub. Do the cleaning often, but also just apply the Vicks multiple times a day whenever possible.

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