Does the Beer Soak Method Cure Nail Fungus? A Detailed Overview…


Unsightly and potentially harmful nail fungus thrives along the nail bed and beneath fingernails and toenails. Often, the affected nails will become thicker and slightly yellow in appearance. Traditionally, nail fungus problems have been treated with medications that are prescribed by a doctor, but there is another option for those that wish to try a homeopathic approach.


Soaking nails affected with nail fungus in a mixture of dark beer and acidophilus can be a highly effective treatment, eliminating the fungus and preventing the growth of new bacteria. Acidophilus is an extremely useful bacteria that can help to ward off infections. In combination with the alcohol found in beer, acidophilus creates an acidic climate that nail fungi cannot survive in.

So how exactly does the beer soak method work to cure nail fungus?

The alcohol in the dark beer acts to soften the affected nails and surrounded nail bed. The white vinegar that is included in the mixture helps to provide a beneficially high acidic level. Environments containing high levels of acidity prohibit harmful bacteria such as fungus from growing and surviving, while allowing beneficial bacteria such as acidophilus to grow and thrive. In simple terms, the white vinegar helps to kill the fungus while allowing the acidophilus to grow and fight the remaining fungus. Read on for a step-by-step guide to using the acidophilus beer soak method for nail fungus infections.

Ingredients Required for the Soak
• Bowl or tub large enough to soak hands or feet
• 4 cups white vinegar
• 2 pints dark beer such as Guinness Stout or another very dark variety
• 1 acidophilus sachet: should contain approximately125 billion acidophilus organisms, this is the standard amount per sachet.
• Nail file

Directions for Using the Soak
1. Mix the white vinegar, dark beer and acidophilus together in the bowl or tub.
2. Soak the hands or feet in the mixture for approximately 30 minutes.
3. Remove the hands or feet from the soaking mixture.
4. Wash hands or feet thoroughly with soap and warm water before patting dry.
5. Use this soak twice a day, covering and storing in a cool place between uses.
6. This mixture can be used for up to 48 hours before the active ingredients will loose their effectiveness.
7. Continue to use this soaking mixture twice a day for three to six months.

Once per week, the affected toenails and fingernails should be filed down immediately following soaking in the mixture. Once the nails have been filed, the hands or feet should be re-submerged for an additional 30 minutes in the beer and acidophilus soaking mixture. This will allow the newly exposed nail to be treated, further limiting the growth of the fungus. Also you can radically increase the chances of curing the nail fungus infection by using a tea tree oil product like zetclear in conjunction with the beer soak method.

It is important that this treatment schedule is followed precisely; any missed treatments will result in a longer over all treatment period. Users of this treatment method will begin to see results in as little as one week or in some cases, depending on the severity of the fungal infection, it may take much longer, even up to one month. When the nail fungus infection begins to be effectively cleared up, users will notice that healthy nails will start to grow from the start of the nail bed. The new, unaffected nails will be clear from the tell tale signs of yellowing and thickness. It should take approximately twelve weeks for the new healthy nails to completely grow in and fully replace the nails that were effected by the fungus. If the skin surrounding the nails becomes sensitive during treatment, one may reduce the soaking sessions from twice a day to just once per day.

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38 thoughts on “Does the Beer Soak Method Cure Nail Fungus? A Detailed Overview…

  1. Peter Reilly says:

    I have this nail fungus bad
    I have no insurance nor much money
    can I get help on an experimental bases
    or is there a free clinic I could call
    please help

  2. If you have a free clinic or a church that will help you, you should go there.
    My fathers is bad enough that I am going to try to help him. They also can’t
    afford to get the help needed plus the pills that cure it are too dangerous. I
    know first hand that this condition is a painful one. I am trying everything I
    can find that is cheap.
    Good luck and God bless.
    Lori B

  3. Looking at trying this, I developed a fungus after trauma to my nail and loosing the nail. Now my wife has started showing signs of a fungal infection. I found acidophilus sachets but there are other ingrediants in the sachets, should I be concerned about these other bacteria?

  4. Tried the beer/vinegar/acidopholous soak for over 90 days,
    and added tee trea oil and a later advertised anti-fungus
    paste to the daily routine. NOTHING has helped. Swanson’s
    sells pure acidophous powder. Hope I can get $20 back on
    “guaranteed” anti-fungus paste! I, too, have little money or
    useful insurance for this. Does ANYONE know what really works?
    Aside from the “wonder pills” advertised on TV, which I wouldn’t
    touch with a ten-foot pharmacist!

  5. Hey Jay C,

    Did you try filing your nail down or clipping off the nail completely? The key is to get the tea tree oil into the nail bed with a combination of joba oil. Your nails are like a very thick piece of skin and to get the tea tree oil into the nail you have to penetrate the nail itself (keratin). Just using a straight tea tree oil will help but it is better if it is combined with oils and/or nail clipping and filing down to kill the fungus at the source. When you find an alternative home remedy look not just for tea tree oil but some combination of oils as well.

    Also wear shoes/socks that help your toes BREATHE!!!

  6. Thanks, Doug B. Another sufferer friend of mine thinks that
    oil of oregano will combine with tea tree oil. Does that fit
    your “some combination of oils” prescription? What is “joba
    oil”? Do I have to shoot a large joba and boil it down…?
    I’ve never heard of it.

  7. Should have realized that. I have heard of it, and will stock
    up forthwith.
    Thanks, KT and Doug B. You’ve renewed my hope that this darn
    thing can be eliminated.

  8. I have used peroxide with great success. I have not fully gotten rid of it, but my condition is much, much better. I try to pour some on every time I get out of the shower. After I cut my toe nails, I pour some on also.

  9. Thanks, Greg. That news about peroxide excites me, since I
    use it for myself and pets for many conditions. I feel I
    can’t go wrong trying peroxide on anything, but for some
    reason passed it by concerning the toenail fungus. Will
    add it to the armament: oil of oregano, jojoba oil, tea tree
    oil (would turpentine work as well? Smells the same…) and
    forget the beer/vinegar/acidophelous soak. Oddly enough the
    beer (Guiness Stout) was the most expensive ingredient of all!

  10. I have been using the beer treatment for 2 weeks now and my fungus is almost all
    gone. I didn’t buy the expensive acidopholis sachets but just bought the pill
    form (5 bucks at trader joes) and crushed them up. I also added hot water to the
    mix so it would be warmer. I used the foot bath and an anti-fungus treatment. Anyway, this really worked for me and I had it pretty bad
    so it’s worth a try!

  11. Emo Phillipshead says:

    The suggested treatment is not homeopathic. A homeopathic medicine is one which
    has been diluted manyfold so that the original medicine may not even be present.
    This footsoak may be natural, but it is not homeopathic.

  12. Niclaire Skye says:

    Epsom salts – large cup or two, add to bowl hot water. soak feet. softens nails and surrounding skin in a few minutes making it VERY easy to trim right down. the apply what ever you choose for treatment.

  13. nursing student says:

    I’m a nursing student working on a case study/paper/presentation about onychomycosis. The focus is to be about the treatments (especially those advertised on tv and internet. Any feedback would be great. Thanks! God Bless America!!!!